Tracing Your Clare Ancestors

Flyleaf Press released Tracing Your Clare Ancestors, by Brian Smith and Gerry Kennedy in 2013.

“Clare is the northern-most county in the province of Munster and famous for its music and scenery, including the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren. It is bounded on the West by the Atlantic Ocean and on the East by the river Shannon. Although unaffected by the 1798 rebellion it was troubled by agrarian disturbances during the 1800s.”

Clare sits on the west coast below Galway in the Connaught province and above Limerick. Clare was once part of the Kingdom of Thomond, under the old Gaelic system. Gaelic families known as the Dalcassian families, or main families of the area are the O’Briens, O’Loughlines, McNamaras and McMahons.

When the British established the county boundary system in 1565, Clare was originally under Connaught. In 1602 it became a part of Munster. The Great Famine brought the death or emigration of some 50,000 residents. After the famine the population continued to decline. By 1911 the population had dwindled down to little more than 100,000.

Like the other books in this series, this publication is designed to help researchers find and identify their Irish family origins. All the standard sources are evaluated with explanatory introductions and full references.


Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2: Getting Started

Chapter 3 Administrative Divisions

Chapter 4 Civil Registration Records

Chapter 5 Censuses and Census Substitutes

Chapter 6 Church Records

Chapter 7 Wills and Administrations

Chapter 8 Land Records

Chapter 9 Commercial and Social Directories

Chapter 10 Newspapers

Chapter 11 Gravestone Inscriptions

Chapter 12 Family Names and Histories

Chapter 13 Further Reading

Chapter 14 Library, Archive and Society Addresses



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