Tracing Your Sligo Ancestors

To those with Irish ancestry, there is another addition to the Tracing Your Ancestors series, that is Tracing Your Sligo Ancestors, by James G. Ryan.

Sligo is a “maritime” county with the Atlantic to its west/northwest, and sits nestled between Leitrim above and Mayo below, with Roscommon to the east/southeast. Like many Irish counties, Sligo’s population peaked before the Great Famine. The population topped in 1841 at 181,000, dropping 52,000 in ten years. The population has continued to drop and stands at only 56,000 to this day. The counties most famous “son” was the poet William Bulter Yeats; though, his brother Jack B. Yeats was a painter of some note.

The original population was predominately Gaelic. After the 1641 Uprising, a Cromwellian settlement brought disbanded officer who took land in lieu of payment. These families carry the names Cooper, Crofton, Gore, Nicholson, Ormsby, Parke, Phibbs, Irwin, and Wood. Other principle names in the area, according the 1659 census, are:

  • Scanlon
  • O’Healy
  • Brennan
  • Gallagher
  • O’Hara
  • O’Gara
  • O’Dowd
  • Kelly
  • Burke
  • Boland
  • McDonnell
  • McDonagh
  • Conlon
  • Breheny
  • Kelly
  • Feeney
  • Gallagher
  • Gilmartin
  • McGowan
  • (O)’Hart
  • Higgins
  • Connor/ O’Connor
  • McDonagh
  • Walsh
  • Egan
  • (O)’Crean

This publication is designed to help researchers find and identify their Irish family origins. All the standard sources are evaluated with explanatory introductions and full references.


Table of Contents



Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Administrative Divisions and Maps

Chapter 3 Civil Registration

Chapter 4 Censuses and Census Substitutes

Chapter 5 Church Records

Chapter 6 Land and Estate Records

Chapter 7 Will, Administrations and Marriage Licenses

Chapter 8 Commercial and Social Directories

Chapter 9 Family Names and Histories

Chapter 10 Newspapers

Chapter 11 Gravestone Inscriptions

Chapter 12 Further Reading and Miscellaneous Sources

Chapter 13 Archive and Internet Information



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  1. Hola. deseo saber si la obra contiene datos de la familia GANNON. Estoy buscando información sobre el sacerdote irlandés MIGUEL GANNON, que nació entre 1813-14, vino a la Argentina en 1844 y falleció acá en 1859. Su madre se llamó BENNETT CHITTY, su apdre William GANNON. El sacerdote era sobrino político del almirante Guillemro Brown.
    Desde ya mcuhas gracias.
    Escribo desde Buenso Aires Argentina.
    Prof. Héctor Daniel De Arriba.

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