Tracing Your Donegal Ancestors

Tracing Your Donegal Ancestors is the forth book in the Tracing Your [Irish] Ancestors series we have reviewed at this site. The series provides a wealth of information for searching Irish records county by county. Listed are the other three books in the series already reviewed on this site:

Authors Helen Meehan and Godfrey Duffy describe Donegal County as being “geographically in the North and politically in the South.” Lying in the Northwest corner of Ireland, the county has four main regions. Like all the Irish counties, Donegal has a rich and extensive history. Populated from Neolithic times, Donegal’s extensive history is best known after the introduction of Christianity, which brought written record keeping, during the 5th century. Neither Vikings nor Normans had much impact on the Gaelic region, and only the changes that come with time saw the region unite with then later fight against the English. Donegal changed with the rest of Ireland over the 17th and 18th centuries.

Donegal’s population peaked in 1841 at 296,448. By 1851 that number fell to 255,158. Donegal didn’t reach its lowest population until 1971, when it fell to a mere 108,344. After 130 year slide, the population has again been to grow. In 2006, Donegal had reached 147,264.

This book provides details on different types of records available to those researching their Donegal ancestry. Sources are described including their nature, time periods covered and locations of records. The author helps the researcher understand the system of administrative divisions used in Ireland. Most, if not all, sources are arranged by such divisions and their understanding will enhance the researcher’s success.

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Table of Contents

Abbreviations Used

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. How to Use this book

Chapter 3. Administrative Divisions and Guides

Chapter 4. Civil Registration

Chapter 5. Census and Census Substitutes

Chapter 6. Church Records

Chapter 7. Land and Estate Records

Chapter 8. Gravestone Inscriptions

Chapter 9. Wills and Administration

Chapter 10. Commercial and Social Directories

Chapter 11. Newspapers

Chapter 12. Education Records

Chapter 13. Emigration Records

Chapter 14. Surnames and Family Histories

Chapter 15. Bibliography

Chapter 16. Useful Addresses



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