Tracing Your Dublin Ancestors

Tracing Your Dublin Ancestors is the third book in the Tracing Your [Irish] Ancestors series we have reviewed at this site. The series provides a wealth of information for searching Irish records county by county. According to the author, “this book is intended to assist those who wish to establish their links with those Dubliners who defended, ran and worked the city over the ages; who inspired its writers, artists and leaders, built its great buildings and otherwise contributed to the city’s existence and fame.”

Dublin’s history goes back as far as 140 A.D. The city started as a Norse Viking settlement, but has also been a Gaelic city, a Norman city, the center of English Administration in Ireland and the center of Irish rebellion against the English. Dublin is now the capital of Ireland. Its population in 1682 was 60,000 reaching, just before the Great Famine, at approximately 372,000 in 1841. Dublin is one of the few, if not only, areas in Ireland to continue expanding during and immediately after the famine. In 1851 the population reached 405,000. The 2006 census shows a current population at around 1.186 million people. However, just because the population grew even during troubled times, there were plenty of Dubliner emigrants, just like seen in other Irish counties.

This book provides details on different types of records available to those researching their Dublin ancestry. Sources are described including their nature, time periods covered and locations of records. The author helps the researcher understand the system of administrative divisions used in Ireland. Most, if not all, sources are arranged by such divisions and their understanding will enhance the researcher’s success.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Administrative Divisions

Chapter 3. Civil Registration

Chapter 4. Census and Census Substitutes

Chapter 5. Church Records

Chapter 6. Commercial and Social Directories

Chapter 7. Wills and Administration

Chapter 8. Gravestone Inscriptions

Chapter 9. Newspapers

Chapter 10. Land Records

Chapter 11. Family Names and Histories

Chapter 12. Further Reading and Miscellaneous Source

Chapter 13. Library, Archive and Society Addresses



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2 thoughts on “Tracing Your Dublin Ancestors

  1. I am tracing the genealogy of James Hyland who was born about 1814 in Queens Co. and emigrated to NYC in 1838. He married Mary Farrell who was originally from Tipperary Co. in NYC in 1842. Which county who you suggest the Hylands are from. My understanding is that Q
    Queens Co. became Laois Co.
    Any suggestions (and which book to order) would be appreciated.

  2. Donna – I don’t have any guidebooks specific to the county. However, in just doing a Google search, I see a fair number of online resources. I’d just search for the terms “laois county ireland genealogy” Check out the resources. Don’t stop with what’s found on the first page. – Leland

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