More Small Databases at Family Tree Connection

More new items have recently been added to the many other “small databases” located at Family Tree Connection. Once again, the following databases are now available to search:


Monticello Seminary 1904-1905 Catalogue – Sixty-Seventh Annual Catalogue of the Officers, Instructors and Students of Monticello Ladies’ Seminary, Godfrey, Madison County, Ill., for the Year Ending June 13, 1905. Includes Catalogue of Alumnae 1841-1904.


Hanover College 1891-92 Catalogue – Sixtieth Annual Catatalogue and Circular of Hanover College, Hanover, Indiana. Philosophia Pietati Ancillans. 1891-92.

Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen’s Magazine 1910 September – Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen’s Magazine, Volume 49, Number 3, September 1910. Includes a detailed Statement of Death and Disability Claims. Indianapolis, Ind.


Monson Academy 1874 Catalogue – Seventieth Annual Catalogue of the Trustees, Instructors and Students of Monson Academy, Monson, Mass., For the Year Ending in November, 1874.

Thayer Academy 1895-96 Catalogue – Catalogue of The Thayer Academy, Braintree, Mass., Nineteenth Year, 1895-96.

Thayer Academy 1894-95 Catalogue – Catalogue of The Thayer Academy, Braintree, Mass., Eighteenth Year, 1894-95.

Thayer Academy 1893-94 Catalogue – Catalogue of The Thayer Academy, Braintree, Mass., Seventeenth Year, 1893-94.


Colby Academy 1898 Catalogue – Annual Catalogue of The Colby Academy, New London, N. H., Forty-Fifth Year.


Ringoes Academy of Science and Art 1880-81 Catalogue – Catalogue of the Ringoes Academy of Science and Art at Ringoes, N. J., 1880-81.

Ringoes Academy of Science and Art 1877 Catalogue – Catalogue of the Ringoes Academy of Science and Art at Ringoes, N. J., 1877.


Leonardsville Union School 1910-11 Announcement – Leonardsville Union School, Announcement, 1910-1911, Leonardsville, New York.


Providence Conference Seminary 1840 Catalogue – Catalogue of Trustees, Teachers and Pupils of the Providence Conference Seminary, East Greenwich, R. I., 1840-41.


Derby Academy 1916-17 Catalogue – Catalogue of Derby Academy, Derby, Orleans County, Vermont. Seventy-Sixth Year, 1916-1917.

Derby Academy 1906-7 Catalogue – Catalogue of Derby Academy, Derby, Orleans County, Vermont. Sixty-Sixth Year, 1906-1907.

Derby Academy 1905-6 Catalogue – Catalogue of Derby Academy, Derby, Orleans County, Vermont. Sixty-Fifth Year, 1905-1906.

Derby Academy 1904-5 Catalogue – Catalogue of Derby Academy, Derby, Orleans County, Vermont. Sixty-Fifth Year, 1904-1905.


Tufts 1904 Club 1905-06 Report – Tufts 1904 Club, Second Annual Report, 1905-1906.

Elizabeth Orphan Asylum Association 1866 Report – Eighth Annual Report of the Elizabeth Orphan Asylum Association. Includes officers, committees, trustees, and subscribers.

Illinois Residents Sue to Have the M Changed to F on Their Birth Documents

Following is an excerpt from a BusinessWire news release found in the January 27, 2009 edition of No comment… The “bold type” emphasis is mine…

CHICAGO – (Business Wire) Citing the need to have an accurate birth certificate for identification purposes, two women born in Illinois today asked a court to order the State to issue new birth certificates that reflect their appropriate and accurate gender following gender confirmation surgery (sometimes described as sex reassignment surgery.) For more than four decades, Illinois has permitted individuals who have gender confirmation surgery to change the gender “marker” on an original birth certificate; the Department of Vital Records, however, recently started interpreting the law to provide this option only if an individual has the surgery by a United States-licensed physician. This creates an unnecessary and unfair burden for the growing number of persons who select a surgeon from Europe, South America or Asia, according to the ACLU of Illinois. Both of the women in today’s lawsuit opted for their own reasons to have their gender confirmation surgery in Thailand.

The lawsuit filed today by the ACLU of Illinois in Cook County Circuit Court argues that denying these women – and others who face the same discrimination – the ability to secure a new, accurate birth certificate not only creates everyday challenges that are unnecessary and dangerous, but it is antithetical to the advice of medical experts who recommend that persons who transition their gender identity ensure that all aspects of their lives reflect that gender identity.

“I am a woman and I have identified as a woman since early childhood,” said Victoria Kirk, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed today. “After making the difficult decision – with the advice and support of my physician and a therapist – to have surgery to conform to this identity, it was disheartening to learn that the State of Illinois would not issue a new birth certificate that recognizes me as a woman simply because I elected to have surgery overseas.”

Read the full news release.

Read the ACLU of Illinois Media Alert.

More New Small Databases at Family Tree Connection

Again, more new databases have recently been added to the many other “small databases” located at Family Tree Connection. The following databases are now available to search:


Ensley High School 1946 Graduation – Birmingham Public Schools, Graduation Exercises of the Ensley High School, Forty-Fifth Commencement, May Thirtieth, Nineteen Hundred Forty-Six.


Washington County High School 1914 Commencement – Washington County High School, Commencement Exercises, Friday Evening, May 22nd at eight o’clock, Clark Opera House. [Location not clearly specified. Washington County, Colorado based on 1910 U. S. Census]


John Hancock Mutual Life Ins. Comp. 18?? Claims Paid #2 – Post card from The John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company, of Boston, Mass. Prudential Insurance as Practise by the John Hancock Company. Lists a few Claims Lately Paid in Connecticut. [This item is undated]


Emory University 1929 Graduating Exercises – Program of the Graduating Exercises of Emory University, University Auditorium, June the Second, Third, Fourth, Nineteen Hundred Twenty-Nine.


Illinois Society SAR 1924 Membship – Illinois Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, Officers, Constitution and By-Laws, List of Members, General Information. Library and Office, Room 1333 Stock Exchange Building, 30 North LaSalle Street, Chicago. Nineteen Hundred Twnety-four.


Kendallville Lodge No. 109 K. of P. 1910 By-Laws – Constitution and By-Laws of Kendallville Lodge No. 109, Knights of Pythias, Kendallville, Indiana. Instituted July 24, 1883. Revised and Adopted November 22, 1910. Approved Jan. 30, 1911.

Leavenworth High School 1912 Commencement – Leavenworth High School, Commencement Exercises, Wednesday, May first, Nineteen hundred and twelve, at eight o’clock, Presbyterian Church. [Location not specified. Possibly Jennings, Indiana based on 1910 U. S. Census]


Our Lady of Victory Academy 1900 Commencement – Twenty-Eighth Annual Commencement of Our Lady of Victory Academy at Brown’s Opera House, Friday Evening, June Twenty-Two, Nineteen Hundred. [Location not specified, East Waterloo, Iowa based on 1900 Census records]

Marion First Presbyterian Church 1918 Manual – Manual of the First Presbyterian Church, Marion, Iowa. Rev. Harry Glenn Finney, Pastor. Corner Twelfth Street and Eighth Avenue. November 10, 1918.


State Center School 1909 Souvenir – Souvenir for State Center School, District No. 75, 1909. Lists names of teacher and pupils. [Location not specified. Barton County, KY based on 1910 U. S. Census]


Bucksport Lodge No. 14 A. O. U. W. Deaths – Assessment No. 233, Bucksport Lodge, No. 13, Ancient Order of United Workmen, Bucksport, Maine, March 1, 1900. Details include Age, State, Date and Cause of Death.

Bangor High School 1915-16 Catalog – Bangor High School, Catalog 1915-1916, Bangor, Maine.


Mt. Holyoke College 1923-24 Directory – Directory of Mount Holyoke College, 1923-1924, South Hadley, Mass. Published by the Debating Society. Series 7, No. 1, December 1923.


Morley Public Schools 1901 Graduation – Graduating Exercises, Morley Public Schools, Class of 1901, at the M. E. Church, Wednesday, June 12, 1901, at eight o’clock. C. E. Manigold, Principal. [Location not specified, Michigan based on 1900 U. S. Census]


Minnesota Public School 1916 Souvenir – Souvenir for Public School, District No. 25, Minnesota, 1916. Lists names of teacher and pupils. [Location not clearly specified.]


Lincoln Township Rural Schools 1910 Commencement – Third Annual Commencement of the Rural Schools of Lincoln Township at South Dale School House, Thursday, May 26, ’10, 1:30 O’clock P. M. [Location not clearly specified. Lincoln, MO based on 1910 U. S. Census]


New Hampshire Conference Seminary 1901-02 Catalogue – Fifty-Seventh Annual Catalogue of the New Hampshire Conference Seminary and Female College, Tilton, N. H. 1901-1902.


Scotch Plains Baptist Church 1922 Anniversary – The Scotch Plains Baptist Church, Scotch Plains, New Jersey, One Hundred Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the Organization of the Church (1747-1922), October Fifteenth to Twenty-second, 1922.

Vineland YMCA 1887 Calendar – 1887, July, August, September, Young Men’s Christian Association, Vineland, N. J., Rooms over the Post Office. Lists names associated with each weekly meeting.

South Eighth St. School 1915 Commencement – Commencement Exercises, South Eighth St. School, Friday Evening, Jan. 29th, 1915, At. 8 O’clock, W. B. Hoenemann, Principal. [Location not specified. Newark, N. J., based on 1910 U.S. Census]


Milford Fish and Game Club 1904 Roster – Milford Fish and Game Club, Milford, N. Y. Organized and Incorporated 1904. Covering Milford, Middlefield, and Hartwick, Otsego Co., N. Y.

Brooklyn Central School 1890 Girls’ Department Commencement – Commencement Exercises, Girls’ Department, Brooklyn Central School, 1890, February Classes.

Telephone Society of New York 1909-1910 Annual – Annual of The Telephone Society of New York, Fourteenth Year, 1909-1910. March 1, 1910.

New England Society of NYC 1865 Report – Sixtieth Anniversary Celebration of the New England Society in the City of New York at Delmonico’s, Dec. 22, 1864. Constitution, By-Laws, Charities, List of Members, Etc., Etc.

St. Mary’s Guild 1925 Report – Annual Report, St. Mary’s Guild, Tuxedo Park, New York, Year Ending June 10th, 1925. List officers and Subscribers.

National Freedman’s Relief Association 1862 Organization – Organization of the National Freedman’s Relief Association, In the City of New York, February 22, 1862. Lists Officers and Members of the Association.

Naval Lodge, F. & A. M. 1928 Summons – Naval Lodge, Number Sixty Nine, Free and Accepted Masons, First Masonic District of Manhattan, Gothic Room, Masonic Hall, Twenty Fourth Street and Sixth Avenue, New York City, Wednesday Evening, April 11, 1928, Summons.

Grammar School 1912 Commencement – Grammar School Commencement, 1912. [Location not specified. Gloversville Ward, NY, based on 1910 U. S. Census] Includes names of students.

Portlandville Graded School 1888 Exhibition – Exhibition by the Pupils of Portlandville Graded School, Friday Evening, March 23, 1888. [Location not clearly specified. Possible Milford, N. Y. based on 1880 U. S. Census]

Division 3a, Girls’ High School, 1910 Daffodil Dance – Daffodil Dance of Division 3a of the Girls’ High School, Friday, April Fifteenth, nineteen hundred ten. [Location not specified. Possibly Brooklyn Ward 23, NY based on 1910 U. S. Census] Lists names of the class officers.

Elmira Business Men’s Association 1909 Banquet Menu – Fourth Annual Banquet of the Business Men’s Association of Elmira at the Hotel Rathbun, Thursday Evenine, January 21, 1909. Lists officers and speakers.

Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Society 1896 Directory – Names and Addresses of the Officers and Members of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, 12 West 31st Street, New York. July 1st, 1896.


Glendale Lyceum 1886 Report – Annual Report of the Board of Directors of The Glendale Lyceum, of Glendale, Ohio, November 7, 1885, to December 31, 1886. Includes a list of Officers.

Lambda Deuteron Chapter, Phi Gamma Delta, 1893 Report – Annual Report, Lambda Deuteron Chapter, Phi Gamma Delta, Denison University, July 1, 1893. Lists personnel of the chapter by class.

Etna Rural High School 1916 Commencement – Annual Commencemnet, The Etna Rural High School, May 25, 1916, The M. E. Church. [Location not clearly specified. Etna, Ohio based on 1910 U. S. Census]


Redner School Souvenir (Undated) – Souvenir for Redner School, District No. 1, Hector Twp., Potter Co., Pa. Includes names of teacher (with photo) and pupils.

PA Soldiers’ Orphan Schools 1903 Annual Report – Annual Report of the Pennsylvania Commission Soldiers’ Orphan Schools, for the year May 31, 1903. Includes a complete Roster of Children.


A. A. S. R. Galveston Flood Relief Notice 1900 – Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction of the United States, Office of Sol. Gr. Insp. Genl. in Texas, Galveston, November 5, 1900. Relates to ‘the great calamity that befell the City of Galveston, Texas, on September 8th.’ Includes listing of AASR members that died, or who lost family members.


Vermont State Normal Schools 1906-07 Catalogue – Catalogue for 1906-07, State Normal School at Johnson. Normal School Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 2, July, 1907.

History of the Baptist Church of Ira, Vt. – History of the Baptist Church of Ira, Vermont. A.D. 1783 – June 1925, Inclusive. Containing a Complete List of More Than 1000 Members who have belonged to this Church since its oganization in chronological orders as nearly as can be determined by the records of the times, giving the date and mannder of reception and dismission so far as recorded. Reputed to be the Third Oldest Baptist Church in the State of Vermont.


Salem High School 1922 Commencement – Salem High School, Commencement Exercises, Thursday evening, May the twenty-fifth, Nineteen hundred twenty-two, at eight o’clock, College Auditorium. [Location not specified. Salem, West Virginia based on 1920 U. S. Census]


U. S. C. E. 1900 Prayer-Meeting Topics – Christian Endeavor Prayer Meeting Topics For Christ and the Church. Copyrighted, 1899, by the United Society of Christian Endeavor [Location not specified] Lists names of Officers and Committees.

Philomath 1898 Banquet – Philomath, Fourth Annual Banquet, Baptist Church, Moravia, Friday Evening, February 18, 1898.

New at – Indian Census Rolls – City Directories – Civil War Widows’ Pensions – Arkansas Civil War Service Records sent out an update today stating the new records that can be found at their site. The following items are new or updated for January. I added a listing of cities for which Footnote earlier posted city directories.

Indian Census Rolls, 1885 – 1940 57,865 images.

This title, NARA publication M595, consists of census rolls submitted annually by agents or superintendents of Indian reservations as required by an 1884 Act of Congress. Most rolls include the English and/or Indian name of the person, roll number, age or date of birth, sex, and relationship to head of family. Beginning in 1930 the rolls also show the degree of Indian blood, marital status, ward status, place of residence, and sometimes other information. Only persons who maintained a formal affiliation with a tribe under Federal supervision are listed on these census rolls. There is not a census for every reservation or group of Indians for every year. Some tribes, particularly those in the East, were never under Federal jurisdiction and therefore not included in this publication.

Civil War Widows Pensions These images are being obtained by scanning the original paper documents held at the National Archives. There are currently 129,934 indexed images posted online.

The files are grouped under the soldier’s name, but the widow’s name and names of minor children are listed on the first page within the pension file. A pensioner’s name (typically the widow’s) is searchable, often giving her maiden name as well. Case files include where and when a man served, details of his service, his life before the war, and his family, including information about his widow, children, and sometimes his parents. These files are unfilmed textual records.

City Directories

  • San Francisco, California
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

These directories now join others from:

  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Ft. Wayne, Indiana
  • New York, New York
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Misc…

Civil War Union Soldier Service Records – Arkansas – 30,560 images

Compiled service records typically contain card abstracts of a soldier’s original muster and hospital rolls, descriptive books, lists of deserters, returns, notational cards, and possibly enlistment papers, casualty sheets, death reports, prisoner of war papers, and correspondence.

Civil War Confederate Soldier Service Records – Arkansas – 19,522 images.

These records contain card abstracts of entries relating to each soldier as found in original muster rolls, returns, rosters, payrolls, appointment books, hospital registers, Union prison registers and rolls, parole rolls, and inspection reports. They may also contain the originals of any papers relating solely to a particular soldier. Browse by military unit, then name of soldier, or use the search box related to this title.

Now get on over to and find your ancestors!

New Small Databases at Family Tree Connection

The following new Databases have recently been added to the many other “small databases” located at Family Tree Connection. I highly recommend the Family Tree Connection website, as it’s one of the few places where new “small databases” are consistently posted week after week. As of today, there are 1,458,000 names to be found there.


Ousatonic Lodge 1889 By-Laws I.O.O.F. No. 6 – Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of Order of Ousatonic Lodge No. 6, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Birmingham, Conn. With Lists of Past and Present Officers and Members. Roll of the Dead and Historical Sketch of the Lodge.


Wm. Chandler Peterson Post American Legion, 1927 Membership – A Brief History of Wm. Chandler Peterson Post No. 171, The American Legion, Crystal Lake, Illinois. Constitution and By-Laws, Roster of Members [names only].


Herrick Chapter First M. E. Church Epworth League 1905 Roster – Epworth League, Herrick Chapter No. 3157, First M. E. Church, Anderson, Indiana.


Valley of Reno A. A. S. R. 1922 Roster – Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, U. S. A., Valley of Reno, Orient of Nevada, 1922.


Dial Lodge 1923-1924 Club Members – Dial Lodge, Princeton University, 1923-1924. Club House, Prospect Avenue, Princeton, New Jersey.


Baldwinsville Presbyterian Church 1877 Catalogue – Catalogue and Historical Sketch, of the Presbyterian Church, Baldwinsville, N. Y.

Johnstown United Presbyterian Church 1920 Directory – Directory, United Presbyterian Church, Johnstown, New York, 1920. Rev. Frank C. Davidson, Pastor.

The Metropolitan, Volume XX, No. 10 – Published by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (Incorporated) of New York, Home Office, No. 7 Madison Avenue, New York City. Includes Recent Death Claims Paid in the States of Illinois and Iowa, 1898. Ed. 16, 7-2-98.

Oneida First Methodist Episcopal Church 1898 Directory – Directory of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, Corner Broad and Cherry Streets, Oneida, N. Y., Containing Lists of Officers, Societies, Members, Etc., April 1898. William H. Giles, Pastor.

New York City University 1886-87 Medical Department Catalogue – University of The City of New York, Medical Department, Forty-Sixth Annual Announcement of Lectures and Catalogue, Session 1886-87, New York.


Cary Public High School 1915 Catalogue – Catalogue of Cary Public High School and Farm Life School, Cary, North Carolina, 1914-1915 and Announcements for 1915-1916.


Middletown First Baptist Sunday School 1888 Roll of Honor – Roll of Honor, Members of The First Baptist Sunday School, Middletown, Ohio, Dec. 31st, 1888.

Mount Union College 1888 Catalogue – Forty-Second Annual Catalogue, Mount Union College, Alliance, Ohio, For the Year Ending with C0mmencement, July 26th, 1888. Published by the Trustees and Faculty.


Springdale Lodge No. 92 A. O. U. W. Deaths (Oct 1895) – Assessment Nos. 23, 24 and 25, Springdale Lodge, No. 92, Ancient Order of United Workmen, Springdale, Allegheny Co., Pa., October 1st, 1895. Details include Age, State, Date and Cause of Death.


Utah Inheritance Taxes from Foreign Estates 1911-1912 – Extracted from Biennial Report of the Attorney General to the Governor of the State of Utah for the Period Ending November 30th, 1912. A. R. Barnes, Attorney General.


Garfield High School 1926 Commencement – Forty-First High School Commencement, Garfield High School, Seattle, Washington, School Auditorium, Wednesday, June 16, 1926, Eight O’Clock.

A Review of the Declaration of Intention Database Now Online for Cook County, Illinois

cookconaturizationsIn September of 2008, The Circuit Court of Cook County announced that the Declarations of Intent (1906-1929) indexed database was going online. At that time there were approximately 140,000 records indexed and posted. I see that there are now about 150,000 records at the site! The database is updated weekly with the new data.

I did a search on the surname, Gfeller, as my Gfeller family immigrated to Cook County, settling in Orland before 1870. I knew I would I would not find record of Rudolph Gfeller, my great-grandfather, but thought I might come up with others by the name. And sure enough, I found two Gfellers who came in later, both filing their “first papers,” and one of them was from Bern, where my family came from. Now I wonder if there is a connection!

The following screen shot shows information of Elise Gfeller, from Bern, Switzerland:


The following is from the site:

The Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County Archives is home to more than 500,000 naturalization petitions covering the years 1871 to 1929. More than 400,000 of these records are Declarations of Intention, 1906-1929 which were usually the first papers to be filed by those who wished to become U.S. citizens…

This database of Declarations of Intention was created thanks to a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), a division of the National Archives. Since the beginning of the project in November 2006, more than 150,000 Circuit Court records have been entered into the database, and we continue to enter more on an on-going basis.

Now search for your Cook County Ancestors’ information!

Thanks to my friend, Linda Petrasek, for pointing out this terrific site to me.

Wabash County [Illinois] Museum Looking for Journey Stories

What’s your story?… The Wabash County Museum in Mt. Carmel, Illinois wabashmuseumwould like to know your family’s story. The story of your family’s journey to the Mt. Carmel area, along the banks of the Wabash, will be saved in the archives of the museum for future reference and will be placed on file during the Smithsonian’s newest traveling exhibit called — Journey Stories, to be in Wabash County from July 19 through Aug. 30, 2009. A workshop is planned to help those who might be interested.

See the January 9, 2009 Daily Republican Register for more information.

Village Records Fade a Bit More Each Day

Millions of village and town records nationwide beg to be preserved. However, in many, if not most, cases there is little chance that those records will be saved. The costs are high, and even if there are those who care, there often isn’t funding for such things. Following is an excerpt from an article dealing with the Coal City, Illinois village records:

Municipal documents, some dating back to the village’s formation, sit on a shelf at the village hall. Each year the pages of the leather-bound books yellow a bit more and the ink fades a shade lighter.

“This is our history and it needs to be preserved,” said Village Clerk Pam Noffsinger, who has asked the Board of Trustees to consider budgeting funds to restore the documents.

There are about a dozen books containing the handwritten minutes of village board meetings, birth records and police magistrate documents from as far back as 1881.

Noffsinger’s afraid that if the documents continue to be ignored, they won’t be around for future generations.

“I understand it’s an expensive process, but these are our village records and unless we stop this, it will only get worse,” the clerk told trustees.

A records preservation service has estimated the restoration cost at a little more than $9,800.

Read the full article by Ann Gill in the December 30, 2008 Coal City Courant.

Young Carlinville, Illinois Genealogist Dies from Burns

“A teenager whose skill at genealogical research made him something of a local celebrity died Thursday of burns he suffered in a house explosion on Wednesday (August 3, 2006).

Coady Hatlen, 15, is being mourned not only by his natural family, but by a second family, the staff at the Carlinville Public Library.

“He was the third person to die as the result of the explosion on Wednesday morning that leveled a house at 203 Sue Street in Carlinville, caused a fire that destroyed a house next door and shattered windows as far as four blocks away…

”Coady spent hours each week at the library, doing his own research and responding – on a volunteer basis – to the requests the library gets for help in researching family histories.”

Canton, Illinois’ Greenwood Cemetery Gets New Maps and History

An amazing number of cemetery and funeral home records have never been computerized in any way. How often have you pored over a cemetery map that was nearly 100 years old, faded, and tattered at the edges? And that was the only map available? Are there records of this nature where you live? How about volunteering to create digital representations of them?

Greenwood Cemetery in Canton [Illinois] has delivered a computerized hard copy history and map system to Parlin-Ingersoll Library to help people locate grave sites.

This system can be used in conjunction with the publications of the Fulton County Historical and Genealogical Society.

From the time the original 112 cemetery plots were laid out, 167 years ago, four city engineers had created separate grids within the property limits. Early maps were printed on cloth, cardboard, or paper. Daily burial entries were made by the sexton. These became the permanent record of burial activity.
The current board, appointed in 2002, immediately recognized that if the system was not entered into digital storage within the next few years, the disintegrating paper pages of the daily entries would no longer be readable. The maps were fading. Photocopies could not bring back the detail needed to find site locations.

In 2002, the process began of creating computer graphics for the 122 acres of ground that is today represented on 23 maps and five charts. Two instruction pages explain how to use the records. The burial records are in the process of being entered on a master data base. In 1895, a fire destroyed all cemetery records. Fulton County Historical and Genealogical Society headstone inscriptions allow most of the lost records to be restored.

From the May 15, 2006 edition of the Canton Daily Ledger.

Chicago’s Jewish Graceland

Why would anyone be interested in a cemetery whose first burial was in 1851 and where there have not been many recent burials? For Jewish genealogists, Jewish Graceland is a treasure of our heritage. It documents members of the earliest Jewish community that helped build Chicago.

To preserve this heritage and the lives of these pioneers, the Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois (JGSI) has recently completed an inventory of all of the burials here and is in the process of making them available via the Internet to the worldwide Jewish community. This service is being made possible via the website:

The Hebrew Benevolent Society was founded in 1851. Its founders included David Witkowsky, an early president of Congregation B’nai Sholom (the second oldest synagogue in Chicago, now a part of K.A.M. Isaiah Israel Congregation). One of the society’s main purposes was to create a Jewish burial ground. There already was a similar group, the Jewish Burial Ground Society, which operated a cemetery in what is now Lincoln Park. This Lincoln Park cemetery, which was the first Jewish cemetery, soon had to be moved to another site because of its proximity to Lake Michigan. Jewish Graceland would become the second Jewish cemetery in Chicago.

From the Jewish United Fund website.