Dick Eastman wrote a very interesting article this morning about Google Sites. This site allows anyone to post their own website at no cost. And there are no ads (add your own if you like). You can have your own website address (such as www.FamilyRootsPublishing.com). Each Google Apps user can get “at least” 10 gigabites of storage at the Google Sites. Goodness, I don’t see any downside to this. I suppose the 10 GB max is a downside, but that’s more than enough for most genealogy sites.

Thanks for the article about Google Sites, Dick.

Readers – If this sounds interesting, go read Dick’s blog entry and learn a lot more details. If you’re still not sure, following are a few quick facts from the Google Sites website.

Quick facts

Single-click page creation Google Sites
Creating a new page for your Google Site just takes the click of a button.

No HTML required
Creating a Google Site is as easy as editing a document, which means there’s no markup language for you to learn — just get started.

Make it your own
Our customization options let you give your Google Site your own look and feel

Get started with templates
We offer a growing list of page types — web page, announcements, file cabinet, dashboard and list — to help you get started with your Google Sites pages.

Upload files and attachments
Use the file cabinet to upload files up to 10MB in size. Each Google Apps account receives at least 10GB of storage in Google Sites. Google Apps Premier and Education editions get an additional 500MB for each user account.

Embed rich content
Google Sites is integrated with other Google products, so you can insert videos, docs, spreadsheets, presentations, photo slide shows, and calendars directly onto your Google Sites pages.

Work together and share
Our permission settings let you designate owners, viewers and collaborators (meaning they can edit pages) for your site. And you can make your Google Sites available to just a few people, your entire organization, or the world.

Search with Google
You can search across Google Sites pages and content using powerful Google search technology. You’ll find specific pages and documents instantly, the same way you would on Google.com.

Read more about Google Sites at Dick Eastman’s Blog.