REGINA [Saskatchewan]— The provincial government is looking at how to better preserve Saskatchewan’s 3,500 known A Neglected Cemeterycemeteries and burial sites, some of which are overgrown or even near-forgotten.

Appointed to lead a review is Al Dwyer, who previously served as registrar of cemeteries in his former role with the province’s consumer protection branch.

“I think there’s recognition that there’s a good number of cemeteries out there that are very well cared for and maintained but there’s also a number out there that have fallen into neglect or actually have received no care whatsoever and are in danger of disappearing off the landscape, so to speak,” Dwyer said Monday.

Dwyer plans to strike a working group that will advise Don Morgan, the cabinet minister responsible for The Cemeteries Act.

Dwyer said he already had a preliminary meeting with the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, which he hopes will be able to help shed light how many of the 3,500 sites are currently neglected.

Read the full article by Angela Hall in the November 16, 2009 Leader-Post.