Several months ago I blogged that it looked like The Genealogical Helper was about to be sold. I was even offered a job to work as publisher and editor of the “new” Helper. That offer was contingent on the purchase of the assets of the company. Following that blog, made just after the NGS Conference in Raleigh, things seemed to not necessarily fall apart, but they slowed down even more than before. I kept waiting to hear something, but found myself just waiting. Some of my authors actually kept their articles updated, based on the hope that “good news” was forthcoming. It never happened. Things just got more complicated. It seems the City of Logan actually owned the “Everton” brand, so negotiations had to take place with the city. Then the buyer seems to have gotten cold feet about publishing a magazine.

So it’s drug on and on. I’ve given up. I went for 7 months hoping to be rehired by someone. This evening, one of the Everton board members sent me a note that she says is going out “to customers who are sending us e-mails.”

In the beautiful Jan/Feb/March issue of the 50 year old Everton Genealogical Helper Magazine we announced that we were going quarterly. We later began to look for a new company and publisher to take over the magazine. We have been and are in very serious negotiations. That deal needs to be finalized within the next ten days or it will not happen. As a backup, we are now talking to another company to take it over if the first deal does not go through.

As you may know, about five years ago, we saved both the Everton Library,(30,000 unique genealogical volumes which were going to be sold at a garage sale on the lawn but are now housed in the Logan Library) and the Genealogical Helper magazine because we were genealogists who had loved the Helper for years. We honored all old subscriptions, then we honored all subscriptions for Heritage Quest Magazine when they went out of business. We are trying to find someone to take over our subscriptions now. We appreciate and love all our customers who helped save the library and magazine for 5 more years. We’ve written to many of you over the years and feel like friends.

We are in mourning for this grand old magazine. We will send you an e-mail when we know more. Please keep us in your thoughts.

Thanks so much for your patience.

So – that’s the current state of affairs in Logan, Utah. I wish the news were better. Patty and I have burned through a lot of savings while hoping to be rehired. Unemployment was never an option, as we own Family Roots Publishing, which muddied the financial waters. But, on the bright side, Family Roots Publishing, and the Salt Lake Christmas Tour, are both growing and profitable, so that’s where we will concentrate our efforts from this point forward. When there’s more news as to the disposition of the Everton assets and fulfillment of subscriptions, I’ll pass it on as a blog entry on GenealogyBlog. I’ve now been promised that I will be kept up-to-date on what’s going on.