Everton’s Genealogical Helper is MOST LIKELY About to be Sold

I can finally post a blog about what’s been going on – and coming up at Everton’s. I’ve been waiting for 3 months to do this… It’s been a long three months.

At some point a few months ago (I have no idea of the date), I’ve been told that Everton’s had a loan called, effectively taking most of the money in the bank account. Everton's Genealogical HelperOn February 17, I got a phone call from my boss and was informed that there was no money – so I could no longer be paid. I was effectively laid-off as of that moment. I was asked to keep my mouth shut, as the company was being put up for sale – and they didn’t want me interjecting myself into the process. Out of respect for everyone involved, I did so (and it’s hard for me to stay quiet.) (grin)

I’ve now been told that verbal agreements have been made to sell the Genealogical Helper, Handybook for Genealogists, and other assets of the Everton operation. Final paperwork has not been signed, but should be within a few days.

I’m pleased to also be able to inform my readers that I have been asked to again direct the publication of the magazine, which will be taking a change in direction – one that I think my readers will be happy with. We have verbal and rather broad agreements only at this moment. Again, I expect all this to be settled shortly – and I plan to immediately go about getting out the next issue of the Helper.

60 thoughts on “Everton’s Genealogical Helper is MOST LIKELY About to be Sold

  1. I doubt your money was wasted. I got another call today and I’m now confident that this stalemate will break shortly. It looks like I’ll have a job again – and all subscriptions will be fulfilled… It just seems to be taking forever.

  2. Waiting for all the parties to come to an agreement is kind of like watching paint dry….especially when you are anxious for them to get in gear!

  3. Thanks for putting this information out there! I have not been able to find any good information about any of this anywhere else, and all the phone numbers for Everton’s are disconnected and the e-mail addresses just bounce back to me. Thanks for blogging such useful info and for keeping everyone posted!!

  4. Hi, Leland & Patty –

    Is there anything new about Everton’s? Sorry to bring up a sore subject but you make the magazine so excellent I’d love to see it back in print! Regardless of what’s happening, I’m happy to see the new newsletter from you and FRPC and I signed up for it immediately. Please keep us posted.

    Peace –

  5. It looks like things are wrapping up… One of the Everton board members has taken it upon herself to shut the thing down. Seems that no one up there in Logan knew how to do that. The website was even automatically collecting for new subscriptions. I’m told all that has been shut off. I think the chances of the reemergence of “The Genealogical Helper” is somewhere between zero and nonexistent. At this point it looks like one company may being getting the data, while another may pick up the subscriptions and fulfill them. For my part, I’m moving on. I plan to run http://www.FamilyRootsPublishing.com ; blog at http://www.GenealogyBlog.com ; lecture, and involve myself in other genealogy-related activities. I believe the Everton operation should have been shut down 6 months ago, but as I didn’t work there, I had nothing to say about it. I did send a certified letter to the board members (most of which came back as “wrong address”) stating my feelings about checks being cashed and credit cards running automatically. I was agin’ it. Wish I had better news, but I don’t.

  6. Leland,
    Just curious as to the status of the contents of the message.
    My subscription wasn’t to run until 2011.

    Thanks for the Facebook and Twitter invites, but I don’t have the time for all these Social Sites.


  7. Oh, Leland, I’m so sorry for you and Patty to hear the news but I can’t say that it was unexpected after all this time. You’ve already bounced back somewhat and now you can get on with your life knowing the actual status of Everton’s. You and your family are remarkably resiliant and you will be just fine! Please keep us posted on your activities and thanks for your blog and newsletter.
    Peace –

  8. Thanks for letting us know about the magazine closing. I tried to call and sent an email and have not heard anything back. Unfortunately I had recently renewed my subscription but before you let us know about the problem. I hate to lose my money but am more sad that the magazine no longer exists. Good luck with whatever new job you begin.

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