Stories & Pictures Wanted for a History Book of the Town of Hanna, Alberta

Hanna Sod house in Hanna, Albertawas founded as a village in 1912 and while it has a museum, the town is lacking a proper archive.

Ed Jensen and a centennial committee are trying to co-ordinate another historic book on Hanna, which will include the history of residents who called Hanna home.

It’s going to be a history of the town and we’d like the family histories in there as well,” Jensen said. “The last book we did was Historic Hanna. It never had any family histories though.”

Photographs, stories, and pieces of the past — they are all wanted.

He wants the personal stories grandfathers tell their grandchildren. Write them down, and give them to Mary McKay at the library. All submissions, photos, and writing will be treated with care, and returned in the same condition it was submitted in, advised Jensen. Photographs and stories can be mailed to Hanna History Book, Box 69, Hanna, AB, T0J 1P0.

Read the full article by Bromley A. Chamberlain, published December 30, 2010 in the Hanna Herald.

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