The Cemeteries of Cadiz and Trigg County in 3rd & Final Printing With a New Book in the Planning

“The Cemeteries of Cadiz and Trigg County [Kentucky],” a thorough record of all the burial sites east of Land Between the Lakes in the county, is in its third and final printing and is available to anyone who enjoys local history and local genealogy.

David Sumner, Kim Fortner, Pam Metts and Charles Morris, all aficionados of genealogy, did research for the book for eight years. Fortner said it was a daunting project and that there were many obstacles.

“There were a lot of cemeteries that were very hard to get to, you had to cross fields, go through woods, climb over fences,” Fortner said.

Released in May 2008, this hardbound book contains the listings of over 400 cemeteries in the county, said Fortner. The book does not contain cemeteries in the Land Between the Lakes, but it does include more than 100 of these cemeteries that have never been recorded in print before.

Fortner said the book doesn’t include any cemeteries in LBL because after eight years, “We just ran out of time.”

But soon they will do more research on a new book, which will include LBL cemeteries and gravesites as well as updated information about Trigg County cemeteries outside LBL, as there have likely been some markers they have missed in the past eight years, she said.

Some 300 volumes will be produced in the book’s final printing, which will cost $35 per book, with an additional $5 charge for shipping. For more information, contact David Sumner at 522-4700 or Charles Morris at 522-6121.

Read the full article in the December 30, 2010 edition of the Cadiz Record.

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