Pasadena, California’s Holy Family Church Publishes History Book

And here’s another church history recently published… I absolutely love church histories, and would be delighted if all churches produced these once in a while. I think it should be a “requirement.” Not enforceable, of course, but these things are usually loaded with family & parish history, and are extremely helpful.

SOUTH PASADENA [CA] – To celebrate its centennial, Holy Family Church parishioners put Valerie McAndrews of San Marino, left, co-author, with Cambria Smith of South Pasadena, oversaw the completion of the book Holy Family Church. (SGVN/staff photo by Walt Mancini) together a book detailing the church’s early beginnings and its history in the city.

The 192-page, full color, hard-bound book was a two-year endeavour by parishioners, who published “Holy Family Church: 1910-2010” in November.

“We have people who go back decades, who have much love for the parish and church, which transcends generations,” said Valerie McAndrews, centennial history chairwoman.

Committee members were each given two decades to research and about a year in which to do so. They then devoted another year to writing.

McAndrews said the South Pasadena Library and the Huntington Library proved to be a valuable resources.

Published by Prospect Park Books, which also published Hometown Pasadena, the book costs $40. It is sold only at the Holy Family Bookstore, 1501 Fremont Ave.

For more information. call 626-403-6133.

Read the full article in the December 23 edition of the Pasadena Star-News.

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