Advertising Sales Rep Position for the APG Quarterly Available

The following note was just received form Kathleen Hinckley. It looks like the Association of Professional Genealogists is looking for someone to act as a sales rep for advertising within the Quarterly. This could be a challenging and rewarding part-time job for someone. If I wasn’t so darned busy already, I’d apply myself…

APGQ is looking for a motivated advertising sales representative. The successful candidate will have a APG Quarterlycombination of ad sales experience, knowledge of the APGQ, and a familiarity with the genealogy community. Job duties include maintaining current advertiser relationships, developing new ones through a proactive sales approach, provide sales contracts to APG administrative staff, and work with staff to ensure correct and timely invoicing of all advertising. Sales representative will earn $100/issue, plus 20% of collected ad revenues. Interested candidates should send an introductory letter and resume to Kathleen Hinckley, Executive Director,

DEADLINE – 07 February 2010

Kathleen W. Hinckley, CG
Executive Director
Association of Professional Genealogists
PO Box 350998
Westminster, CO 80035-0998

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