Photos from the 1985 “Christmas Tour”

The 2009 Salt Lake Christmas Tour will start in just under three weeks. This is year #25, as we started doing this thing in 1985. At that time we had just published the first issue of Heritage Quest Magazine – and there were a total of 9 of us on the tour. That included Arlene Eakle (our “professional”), Don Powell (my non-genealogist friend who came along for the trip), and Donna Potter Phillips (who has come on every tour since then as our “Mother Hen.” We had 5 paid attendees, including Donna, that year. We’ve had as many as 115. This year we will have 67 attendees on the tour.

Following are photos of the group that I ran across a couple nights ago:
The 1985 Heritage Quest Christmas Tour Group Photo

1985 Heritage Quest Christmas Tour group at lunch.

By the way, you can still sign up and come on the 2009 Salt Lake Christmas Tour. It’s December 6 through 12, 2009. For more info, call me at 801-949-7259.

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