The television networks, and papers have been in a dither today over the most annoying words being used in America. It seems that Marist College took a poll, the results of which were released on Wednesday.

The dismissive word, “Whatever,” won the competition for the most annoying with 47% saying they didn’t like it. Other annying words were:

  • Whatever – 25%
  • You Know – 25%
  • It Is What It Is -11%
  • Anyway – 7%
  • At The End Of The Day – 2%

This bit of annoying information got me to thinking about annoying things in genealogy. I thought for a few minutes and couldn’t really come up with anything that annoys me all that much. I guess I could have claimed that errors in indexing & indexes, incorrect information in genealogy books, county histories, databases, and such are annoying – but honestly, I consider these things to be just inherent to doing genealogy, so I don’t get annoyed at all. Then again, as I blogged in my statement for the FTC a few days ago, I see most everything in a positive light – the “glass is half full” phenomena.

The Top-10 Most Satisfying Genealogy Events
So I got to thinking that it would be fun to steal a line from the beleaguered David Letterman, and create my Top-10 list of the most satisfying events in genealogy research. While we’re at it, why not create your own, and post it in the “Comments” below – or post it on your blog, and post a link to your site in the body of a comment below?

Leland’s Top-10 Most Satisfying Genealogy Events

  • 10. Having the winning bid on eBay for a book with my ancestor’s biography in it
  • 9. Breaking what I thought was a brick-wall problem in my research
  • 8. Visiting the home-place where an ancestor lived
  • 7. Finding a relative in a newly-posted online resource
  • 6. Attending a family reunion
  • 5. Locating a new-found cousin
  • 4. Finding a picture or image of an ancestor for whom I had none previously
  • 3. Adding another generation to my pedigree chart
  • 2. Getting my family history into print
  • 1. Playing with a grandchild who I’m sure will take over as the family genealogist when I’m gone

Now create your own Top-10 Most Satisfying Genealogy Events!