An Irritating to Change its Name to

Now tell me… If you owned a domain called – with supposedly 700 million people profiles on your site, would you be changing your name? You have to admit that a name like is about as easily-remembered a domain name as can be found. Well, according to an email from Reunion this morning, that’s what they are doing. The change is supposed to take place as early at February 17.

The website started by Jeffrey Tinsley in 2002 has come under extreme criticism of late for their “spoofing” practices. I got caught up in it a while back when I got an email from what looked like a friend, inviting me to join. I went so far as to sign up for their free membership just to see what was going on. I don’t know that my address book was ever tapped, as it’s said has been done to many by the website, but I quickly became disillusioned with the thing.

The site could actually be useful, but their spoofing habits, as well as little things like flashing advertisements saying you are a winner! make the site nothing more than irritating.

I really don’t think changing their name to MyLife is going to help in the slightest…

Just my opinion…

2 thoughts on “An Irritating to Change its Name to

  1. I was actually able to find many people through the site. I was very surprised. I did notice the option to find my friends and family using my address book, but saw that it’s an optional feature.

  2. Reunion probably changed as they could not compete with Classmates. I joined way back and became disgusted with their redundant emails. Getting the same email over and over without new information is not good business practice. Then to find out that the name, Reunion, really meant nothing. It was just a pain to belong to and I have not rejoined nor will I ever… new name or not. My money will go elsewhere.

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