The growth of the Pensacola, Florida population, as well as lack of space has prompted the move of the Tryon Branch Library on 9th Ave. and College Blvd. to the new location at 1200 Langley Ave. in Pensacola.

The good news is that the former library will now become the West Florida Genealogy Library. The genealogy library is currently on the second floor of the library in downtown Pensacola. Moving it to the 9th and College location is perfect because more room is needed for the genealogy collection and the patron volume isn’t as heavy as was being dealt with at the Tryon Branch.

Gene Fischer, director of the West Florida Public Library System says “We needed more space for that and it seemed like the old Tryon Library would be ideal for that because you’re not talking about heavy volume. So parking would [not] necessarily be a problem.”

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