Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm has signed an executive order eliminating the Michigan Department of History, Arts Michigan Governor Executive Order 2009-36 and Libraries and thus cutting about $2 million in associated, annual costs from the 2010 budget. The order includes the following changes:

The Library of Michigan and state librarian will transfer to the Department of Education – eliminating the State Librarian job altogether. The Governor has proposed that the site of the 20 year old Library of Michigan be used for an innovative education and research center.

• The State archives, Michigan Historical Commission, the Mackinac Island State Park Commission and other programs will transfer to the Department of Natural Resources.

• The State Historic Preservation Review Board transfers to the Michigan State Housing Development Authority.

Click here to see the 26 page Executive Order No. 2009-36.

Read the July 14 Library Journal article about the cut.

This is the one of the biggest recession hits thus far for genealogists. The Library of Michigan is one of the most technologically advanced of all state libraries – and it’s tremendously important to genealogists. The state legislature has 60 days to approve or disapprove the executive order. If this library is to be saved, the congress folks will have to be convinced to find a way of saving it.

Thanks to Homer T. for the heads-up on this.