Winsted, Connecticut’s Beardsley & Memorial Library’s Microfilm Readers Need an Upgrade

The Public library in Winsted, Connecticut is asking for donations. Their microfilm readers are beyond repair. Following is anbeardsleylib excerpt from an article about the need.

WINSTED — Much of Winsted’s history is noted in newspapers, census records, minutes and passenger lists. While original copies are no longer available, hundreds of documents are archived on microfilm and microfiche in the Beardsley & Memorial Library’s genealogy and local history room.

Despite good care and maintenance, users of the valuable collection are barely able to view and research the hundreds of rolls of films because of outdated and poorly running microfilm readers.

“At this time, one old microfilm machine is inoperable. The other machine is also old, has limited capabilities and operates slowly in spite of a few broken parts. Printing mechanisms are no longer operable, either, making it less helpful to researchers,” stated a letter from the Beardsley & Memorial Library Board of Trustees. “To remedy this problem, the Board of Trustees has launched a fund drive to upgrade the old microfilm equipment.”

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3 thoughts on “Winsted, Connecticut’s Beardsley & Memorial Library’s Microfilm Readers Need an Upgrade”

  1. I’m trying to find out about the Beardsley – behind your Beardsley & Memorial Library’s genealogy and local history room. I have beardsley in my line and they came from Connecticut – am looking for info on them and their lifes in Connecticut.

  2. I am from Bridgeport CT where Beardsley Park is. My Dad was from Monroe CT and one Beardsley founded Stratford, Ct I believe. I do not know what kind of information you desire…maybe questions would be easier to answer.
    Priscilla Glenn

  3. I’m a direct descendant of William Beardsley – came over on the ship “Planter” in 1635 or so from England and have a few digital histories and a genealogy on the family, along with headstone and other images I’ve been collecting on the members. I’m happy to share with any Beardsleys and compare notes to make sure we have the most complete and accurate collection and I can put together the collection digitally for the library if that’s something that would be of interest.

    Valarie Beardsley Beadle

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