Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary By Moving!

As my readers know, about 6 weeks ago, Patty and I celebrated our 49th Wedding Anniversary. What you don’t know (but do now), is that we spent the day working out the details for the purchase of the old Heritage Quest building in Orting – and its attached 3-bedroom apartment. Since that time, we’ve moved about 1/2 mile into the 3-bedroom apartment that is at the back of the old building. When I say “old,” I mean just that. The front portion was built in 1912 as a church – and served that purpose until about 1986 or so. We bought the building once before and owned it from 1987 through about 1992, when we sold it to AGLL in Bountiful, Utah. They later sold it to my brother, and now Patty and I have it back.

Steve painted the building about 20 years ago, but it’s again in need of a good painting. So we’re scraping, sanding, and spot primering the entire building. See the picture for an idea of the extent we’re going to. We want the paint to last and to protect our old building – so a lot of effort is being put into it.

We have raised garden beds planned for the area just to the side of the building, and we’re covering the patio in back with fiberglass so Patty can continue to raise her plant babies in a greenhouse environment.

We’ve been working here for the last three years. We just didn’t live here. The print ship will continue operations where it is, and we’re redoing the offices, and storage areas.

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