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Donna Schilling wrote a delightful full-color book this last year, entitled: German Genealogy Research in Pomerania – With Specific Examples of Kreis Schlawe Research.

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Were your ancestors from Pomerania? Pommern was part of Germany prior to World War II. Today, the area lies in two countries. This book is written to help guide researchers who wish to research their ancestors who lived in what is now Northeastern Germany and Northwestern Poland. Suggestions on how to access the records of the area are given. Genealogical research in this area can be a most difficult task, but nevertheless fascinating and rewarding, just as it has been for the author and her family.

The author’s family was from Kreis Schlawe, located at the Northeastern tip of what was Pomerania, close to Danzig on the beautiful Baltic Sea. Kreis Schlawe serves as an example of how to find more family history information on this part of what was Germany. Although much of the information is specific to Kreis Schlawe, the same research concepts and the guidelines found within the book apply to any research done within this area.

Found within this volume:

  • Detailed information about location, cities, climate, demographics & infrastructure of Kreis Schlawe.
  • History of Pomerania – including detailed timelines, World War II, and the expulsion of the Germanic Pomeranians.
  • Culture and customs of Pomerania.
  • Kreis Schlawe’s cities, towns, churches and historic sites.
  • Research in the U.S.A., leading to finding your Pomeranian ancestors.
  • Specific guidelines and aids for researching Kreis Schlawe records.
  • Detailed bibliography.

The following is from the Table of Contents:

Dedication Statement


Maps Found in This Volume

Pictures Found in This Volume

Chapter 1 Kreise (County) of Schlawe -Pomerania

  • Location of Schlawe, Pomerania, now in Northern Poland
  • Kreis Schlawe’s Major Cities
  • Kreis Schlawe’s Climate and Topography
  • Demographics of Pomerania
  • Present Day Infrastructure in Kreis Schlawe

Chapter 2 History of Pomerania

  • Early Historical Events in Pomerania and Kreis Schlawe (with*)
  • Rapid Growth of Pomerania after 1181 A.D.
  • Immigration to America and the Napoleonic Era
  • Review of Division in Pomerania 1155-1815, Dukes and Duchies
  • First partition 1155-1264
  • Second partition 1295-1368
  • Third partition 1368-1376
  • Fourth partition 1376/1377 – 1478
  • Fifth partition 1531-1569
  • Sixth partition 1569-1625
  • Province of Pomerania 1815-1945
  • World War I
  • The Economy in Pomerania and Nazism
  • Pomeranian Administrative Divisions Before World War II
  • Farther (or Hinter, Eastern) Pomerania-Barth
  • Vorpommern (Western Pomerania)
  • Posen-West Prussian Government Region
  • Northwest Government region of Stralsund Neuvorpommern
  • World War II in Pomerania and its Aftermath
  • Three Trips to Berlin – Before, During and After “the Wall”
  • Prisoners of War in America and in Germany
  • Camp Algona System in Iowa, an Example
  • Life in an American Prisoner of War Camp
  • Life in a Prisoner of War Camp in Germany, a Comparison
  • A Lasting Legacy to America from Algona POWs
  • Expulsion of Pomeranians

Chapter 3 Culture and Customs of Pomerania

  • Everyday Customs of Pomerania
  • Municipal Codes in Treptow in 1683
  • Farm Life Before and After 1930
  • Guilds in Pomerania
  • Pomeranian Food and Drink
  • Pomeranian Clothing (Tracht)
  • Buildings in Pomerania
  • Pomeranian Names
  • Annual Celebrations and Traditions
  • Easter
  • Erntefest (Harvest Festival)
  • Advent and Christmas in Pomerania
  • Special Events
  • Weddings in Pomerania
  • Christening Celebrations
  • Confirmations
  • Reflections of East German Life in the 1980s

Chapter 4 More About Kreis Schlawe’s Four Major Cities

  • Town of Schlawe and Alt Schlawe (Slawno and Slawko)
  • Location of Alt Schlawe and Stadt Schlawe
  • Brief History of Stadt Schlawe and Alt Schlawe
  • Notable People from Stadt Alt Schlawe or Schlawe
  • Attractions of Stadt Schlawe
  • Rügenwalde (now Darlowo, Poland) The Royal City of Darlowo
  • Location of Rügenwalde
  • Short History of Rügenwalde
  • Eight Main Sites and Attractions
  • Castle of King Eric
  • Saint Mary’s Church
  • Saint Gertrude’s Church
  • Saint Georges Chapel
  • The Town Hall
  • The Fountain—a Fisherman’s Monument
  • Stone Gate—known as High
  • Lighthouse
  • Zanow (now Sianów, Poland)
  • Location of Zanow
  • Historical Fact for Zanow
  • Attractions
  • Pollnow (now Polanow, Poland)
  • Location of Pollnow
  • History of City of Pollnow
  • Main Attractions
  • Notable People from Pollnow

Chapter 5 First Research in the U.S.A.

  • Church Records in the U.S.
  • County Records in America
  • State Historical and Other State Department Records
  • Cemetery Records
  • Funeral Parlor Records
  • Court and Courthouse Records in the U.S
  • DNA
  • Online sites about German Culture and Genealogy
  • Networking Online
  • Importance of Sources of Information Found
  • Primary Sources
  • Secondary Sources

Chapter 6 Specific Guidelines for Kreis Schlawe

  • Learning, Practicing and Reading Old German Records
  • Catholic Records in Germany
  • Lutheran Church Records in No. Poland; Formerly Schlawe, Pomerania
  • Standesamt in Kreis Schlawe, now in Northern Poland; (Registry Offices for Civil records less than 100 years old)
  • Amtsbezirk also in Kreis Schlawe Northern Poland; (District Offices with records over 100 years old)
  • Amtsgericht in Schlawe (Court records for Kreis Schlawe)
  • Sources on the Internet for German Genealogy & Kreis Schlawe specifically
  • Practicing different German scripts, e.g. Sutterlin
  • Hints for Traveling to Kreis Schlawe (This is the most thrilling part!)


Click on the following link to order:
German Genealogy Research in Pomerania – With Specific Examples of Kreis Schlawe Research; By Donna Schilling; May 2017, 156 pages; 8.5×11; Soft Cover, Perfect Bound; ISBN: 978-1-62859-094-4; Item #: FR0720; MSRP: $27.95; On sale for just $20.96.

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