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Amy Johnson Crowe recently posted one of the best blogs I’ve seen for a while. She explains how we all love Find a Grave, but since the “numbers” of memorial pages that folks make are posted, there are people who post for the numbers – and family members may not get a chance to make the initial memorial as they should have. Following is a teaser from her blog. The blog is detailed, and gives examples. The comments GO ON FOREVER! You can tell that the blog hit a nerve within the genealogical community.

Anyone who makes a free FindAGrave account can add memorial pages. This allows people to add tombstones they come across in their cemetery explorations as well as adding memorials for any deceased individual.

What’s good about this is that we now have a resource filled with information and photographs that we didn’t have before. We also have a way to request photos of tombstones. (Even if you can’t see it in person, there is something special about seeing your ancestor’s tombstone.)

What’s bad about this is that some people have turned it into a numbers game. They feel the need to have the most memorials and be the first to create a memorial (even before the family has an opportunity). This leads to incomplete memorials and family members feeling hurt.

Read the full blog.

2 thoughts on “Find A Grave Could Be Better

  1. I’m happy it’s a numbers game for some. That means more memorials for all of us – a much better result than less memorials just so that some family members can make the original memorial.

    You can request ownership of a memorial from the creator – I’m sure most people will be happy to hand it over if you are kin. Also, anyone can add flowers and statements – I often add in missing information in the flowers/comments section which shows up on the front page of the memorial.

  2. There’s a simple solution for those who dislike how Find A Grave works: don’t use it! Create your own where you can make the rules.

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