Petition Circulating To Ask That Family Tree Maker Production be Continued


David Smith has started a petition to Kendall Hulet with the hopes of getting Ancestry to change their mind about retiring Family Tree Maker.

He is hoping that is there is enough outcry, Ancestry will reconsider.

The link for the petition is at:

4 thoughts on “Petition Circulating To Ask That Family Tree Maker Production be Continued

  1. Twelve years of genealogy with Family TreeMaker and Ancestry have led to a wonderful retirement passion. FTM is your best product. I will not put my trees on Ancestry as many relatives have said they do not want their information public. I have nine trees for family and friends on my FTM. For these reasons I hope you will reconsider you deletion of FTM.

  2. I have been using Family Tree Maker since it first came on the market. I can’t remember if it was by Broderbund. I have sent them information on a lot of my family’s. I would hate to see it not being continued.

  3. I’ve been using FTM for over 20 yrs. I’m using 2914 an just getting ready to go to 2026. I’m waiting for them to make the pictures print out with the rest of the tree..

  4. I have been using FTM for over 20 years, before Ancestry, and I hope you will continue to maintain it or at least sell it to someone who will continue it.

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