Lamar University Newspapers 1933-2015 Posted Online

The following excerpt is from an article posted in the September 20, 2015 edition of The Examiner:


Since the introduction of digitization, archivists at museums and universities across the world have been able to increase access for interested viewers to sensitive and important materials by preserving digital copies available for viewing online. Lamar University’s John and Mary Gray Library is no exception.

This past year, university archivist Penny Clark, with assistance from Andy Coughlan, director of the University Press, worked diligently to digitize LU’s newspaper. From its early days as The Red Bird to today’s University Press, issues once available exclusively as physical copies can now be read online.

The library staff has also provided the digital files to the Portal to Texas History, a large digital archive that will expose new readers to the LU newspapers and website. The digitized copies can also be found in the library’s Special Collections section of its website where the archives are linked to at Search Digitized Collections. From there, one can browse for different editions and topics.

Although the collection covers papers from 1933 through today, Clark is still working to fill in gaps in its early record.

“We are missing newspapers from before 1933,” she said. “We know there was a publication as early as 1923 when the school started, and we would love to have those. Since the newspaper was distributed to so many people, we hope someone will recognize the value in old copies they may stumble upon.”

Readers can find 70 years of Lamar’s press at as well as through The Portal to Texas History at

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