Index to the Oakland County Michigan Probate Calendar V. I – 1822-1856


I just got a download copy of Andrew J. Morris’s new Index to Oakland County Michigan Probate Calendar Vol. 1 – 1822-1856. I was excited to see that Andrew had completed this project, as I have Oakland County research myself.

If you go to FamilySearch, you will find that they have posted images of the Oakland County Michigan Probate Calendar Vol. 1 & 2 – 1822-1870 for the county, but it has no index currently. Being 724 images long, and containing 2,654 probates, it’s a bit of a job to find family if you don’t know death dates. Even then, as we all know, deaths were not always probated in as timely a fashion as we would like.

Using the new Index to Oakland County Michigan Probate Calendar Vol. 1 – 1822-1856, I was able to find probate record #711 for Selah Canfield, with the record being made in 1847. I had found his wife, Dorcas, living in the county in the 1850 census using, but previously had no name for her deceased husband. Now I’ve got it.

Nearly 4,000 persons listed in this eBook are not yet in the FamilySearch names index, at least for these 1308 records. The record numbers run from 1 to 1339 in Volume 1, but 31 of those are blank. According to the book’s website, “the cases include 452 guardianship actions, and 818 estate probates, and several continuances from earlier records. Intestate cases outnumber those having a will by about three to one. For the first few years these records are not in exact chronological order.”

The first part of this book lists each person named in each record, and the role they played, with records in their original order. The second part of this volume (the index) is an alphabetical list of all the names and name variants encountered, and the corresponding record number or numbers where they appear. I found the Canfields in this index, stating that Record 711 is where I’d find the info that led me to the full Record 711 at the FamilySearch site. That was easy to find as I just used the Image number box to go forward and backward until I spotted #711. It just turned out to be on image 192 of 724 images. In the book, Andrew also included a key that lists which numbers begin with each 10th image of the on-line version, to help users more easily zoom in on the correct record.

This eBook is downloadable in PDF format, 369 pgs, and is 458Kb in size. It sell for just $6.95 total. There is no shipping charge of course, as it’s a pdf download. Click on the link to learn more, and to order.

Surnames found in the Index are:

Abbee, Abbott, Ackerman, Ackley, Adams, Addiss, Ager, Aiken, Albright, Alderman, Alderman, Aldern, Aldrich, Alexander, Alford, Alger, Algoe, Allen, Allison, Almy, Ames, Amscomb, Anscomb, Andrew, Andrews, Andrus, Anscomb, Anscome, Arms, Armstrong, Arnold, Arthur, Ashley, Atkin, Axford, Babcock, Bachans, Bachman, Bacon, Bagg, Bagley, Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Ballard, Ballinger, Bancroft, Banks, Barber, Barbour, Bard, Barhaus, Barkley, Barnum, Barrett, Barritt, Barross, Barrows, Bartlett, Bassett, Batcham, Bateham, Bates, Bawker, Bayley, Bayley, Beach, Beal, Beam, Beardslee, Beardsley, Beardslie, Beber, Beech, Belding, Belford, Belknapp, Bell, Bement, Benedict, Benjamin, Benjiman, Bennet, Bennett, Berridge, Besley, Bessey, Betteys, Betty, Bettys, Beyeral, Bibler, Bickford, Bigelow, Biggalow, Biggerstaff, Bigler, Biglow, Bingham, Bird, Birdsall, Birdsel, Bishop, Bissel, Bixbey, Bixby, Blackman, Blackwood, Blain, Blakely, Blakeslee, Blakeslie, Blanchard, Blindbury, Bloss, Blount, Blumburg, Bonny, Boswell, Botsford, Botsworth, Boughton, Bouny, Boutwell, Bower, Bowers, Bowkes, Bowman, Boyer, Bradley, Bradly, Bray, Braynard, Brazington, Brennan, Brewer, Brewster, Briggs, Brigham, Brigler, Bristol, Britain, Britian, Broctey, Bromley, Bronell, Bronson, Brook, Brooks, Browman, Brown, Brownell, Bryan, Bryns, Buckland, Bull, Bullard, Bullock, Burbank, Burges, Burke, Burks, Burnett, Burns, Burroughs, Burrows, Burt, Burton, Burwell, Bush, Bushaw, Butler, Butson, Butterfield, Buttolph, Button, Buzzell, Cady, Cahoon, Cain, Calking, Calkins, Calon, Campbell, Canfield, Card, Carey, Cargill, Carhart, Carhartt, Carm, Carman, Carnes, Carpenter, Carter, Carter, Caruss, Casmer, Cass, Cassidy, Caster, Castle, Caswell, Chadwick, Chafey, Chaffey, Chamberlin, Chambers, Champion, Chapel, Chapin, Chapman, Chappel, Chappell, Chase, Chatfield, Cheney, Chew, Chipman, Christopher, Church, Clark, Clarke, Clawson, Clifford, Close, Coddington, Coe, Cogsdell, Cogsdill, Cogshall, Cogswell, Cole, Coleman, Colin, Collins, Colver, Colvin, Comstock, Conant, Conart, Cone, Conert, Connont, Cook, Coon, Coonley, Coonly, Coons, Cooper, Coovert, Copeland, Courliss, Cove, Covert, Covey, Covill, Covitt, Cowell, Cowles, Crafts, Craig, Crain, Cram, Cramb, Crane, Cranson, Crawford, Cressey, Cressy, Crippen, Crippin, Crombie, Cronk, Cross, Crotty, Cudworth, Culver, Cummings, Cupit, Curtice, Curtis, Curtiss, Daily, Danchey, Daniels, Danow, Darrah, Darrow, Davidson, David, Davis, Davison, Day, De Smet, Dean, Decker, Decomick, Delling, Demerest, Demun, Demunn, Denison, Derbyshire, Dernberger, Deuel, Devenport, Devirieux, Deviruiux, Devrieux, Dewey, Dietz, Dilling, Dillon, Dimmick, Dimon, Dimond, Dodd, Dole, Donaldson, Dornberger, Dorr, Doty, Douglas, Douglass, Dove, Dow, Downes, Downey, Drake, Draper, Drinkall, Drum, Drummond, Drummont, Drumont, Dubois, Duers, Duglass, Dunham, Dunklee, Dunning, Dunston, Durfee, Durham, Durkee, Dutcher, Dutton, Dwelle, East, Eastman, Eaton, Eckles, Eddy, Eldred, Eldrith, Eliot, Ellenwood, Elliot, Elliott, Ellsworth, Ellwood, Elving, Elwood, Ensign, Estes, Evenes, Evens, Ewell, Ewen, Fairchild, Fall, Fanton, Farley, Farnsworth, Farr, Fellows, Felton, Fenner, Ferguson, Ferister, Ferris, Field, Fields, Fifield, Findlay, Findley, Fish, Fisher, Fitch, FitzPatrick, Fletcher, Flinn, Flint, Flower, Flummerfelt, Foot, Foote, Fortis, Fosdick, Foster, Foulk, Fowler, Fox, Fraizer, Frakes, Frasier, French, Frick, Frink, Frost, Fuller, Furgason, Furgeson, Furgesson, Furguson, Gadiner, Gage, Gallespie, Galloway, Gamble, Gamwell, Gardiner, Gardner, Garfield, Garlick, Garner, Garrett, Geanona, Gerkes, German, Gibbles, Gibbles, Gibbs, Giddings, Gilbert, Gillett, Gillick, Gillick, Gilmour, Given, Glaiser, Glazier, Godfrey, Goodale, Goodenough, Goodrich, Goodrick, Goodsale, Goodwin, Gool, Gorman, Goss, Gould, Grace, Graham, Granger, Grant, Grattan, Graves, Grean, Green, Greer, Gregory, Greoett, Grey, Grindley, Grinell, Grinley, Grinnell, Grinnelley, Griswold, Groett, Grow, Guile, Gulick, Guoett, Hadley, Hadly, Hadsell, Haff, Hagerman, Haight, Haines, Hall, Hamilton, Hamlin, Hammen, Hammer, Hammond, Hance, Hand, Hanifare, Hankinson, Hanscom, Haon, Harding, Hare, Harmon, Harper, Harrington, Harris, Harter, Hartman, Hartwell, Hascall, Hassler, Hasslers, Hastings, Hatch, Hathaway, Hausard, Haviland, Hawcom, Hawley, Haworth, Haywood, Hazard, Haze, Hazen, Hazzard, Hearn, Heartwell, Hedger, Hedges, Hemingway, Henderson, Hendrickson, Henry, Herrick, Herrington, Hibbler, Hibler, Hickey, Hickling, Hickok, Hicks, Hide, Higby, Hill, Hilldreth, Hiller, Hills, Hinsely, Hitchcock, Hoaeg, Hoag, Hoagland, Hoaglund, Hoar, Hobdy, Hodge, Hodges, Hoffman, Holbrook, Holister, Holland, Hollister, Hollsted, Holmes, Hopkins, Horner, Horton, Hosner, Hotchkiss, Hothkiss, Hough, Houghkirk, Houghton, Houston, Houton, Houtoon, Houtoon, Howan, Howard, Howe, Howland, Hubbard, Hubbel, Hubbell, Hubbert, Hubble, Hudson, Huff, Hummer, Hungerford, Hunn, Hunsmer, Hunt, Hunter, Huntington, Huntoon, Hurlburt, Husted, Hutchins, Huton, Hyde, Hyly, Ingersoll, Ingolls, Insley, Irish, Irvine, Irwin, Isham, Jackson, Jacox, James, Janness, Jarvis, Jasper, Jaycocks, Jaycoxx, Jenkins, Jenks, Jennings, Jewell, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Judd, Junks, Kain, Kelley, Kellogg, Kelloy, Kelly, Kemmis, Kendall, Kennedy, Kent, Ketchum, Keyes, Keys, King, Kinsman, Kinyon, Kipp, Kirby, Kline, Knapp, Knight, Knowles, Knowls, Knowlton, Kyle, Lacey, Lacy, Ladson, Lafayette, Lamb, Lambertson, Landin, Lane, Langdell, Lanning, Lapham, Larkins, Larzelier, Lathrop, Lattin, Lavenworth, Lawrence, Lawson, Lay, Le Roy, Lee, Leek, Leet, Lemarel, Leonard, LeRoy, Letson, Lewis, Linabery, Little, Lochman, Lockwood, Lodge, Logan, Longhry, Loomis, Loop, Lorey, Loser, Losey, Loud, Louthard, Louton, Lovejoy, Lowell, Lowerey, Lowrey, Luce, Lucey, Luddy, Ludun, Lull, Lusk, Luthard, Lynch, Lyon, Mach, Mack, Maddin, Magown, Maloney, Mann, Manning, Mansfield, Marlatt, Marlin, Marsh, Martin, Mason, Mathews, Mathewson, Matthews, Maxwell, Maybee, McAlpine, McCall, McCarnel, McClane, McClaroe, McCloskey, McClung, McConnel, McConnell, McDevitt, McDole, McGinnis, McGowan, McGown, McGraw, McGregor, McGunigal, McIntyre, McKnight, McLaga, McLagan, McLane, McLarin, McLaughlin, McPherson, McVea, McVean, McWethey, McWethy, Mead, Mendham, Merchant, Merithew, Meserall, Mickall, Micksell, Middagh, Middaugh, Millard, Miller, Millerd, Milliard, Milligan, Mills, Mitchell, Moegle, Monroe, Montfort, Montgomery, Mooney, Moore, Morgan, Morin, Morley, Morris, Morrison, Morse, Morton, Mowrey, Mowry, Mun, Munn, Munson, Murdock, Murlin, Murray, Murry, Myre, Myrick, Narrin, Nate, Nelson, Neubury, Neudall, Newbery, Newman, Newton, Nichols, Nicholson, Niles, Nixon, Noble, Norris, North, Northrop, Northrope, Northrup, Northway, Norton, Noyes, Nye, O\\\\\\\’Rourke, Oatman, Ogden, Ogle, Olmstead, Oothout, ORouk, Orvis, Osborn, Ostrander, Owen, Owens, Pack, Packard, Paddack, Paddock, Page, Palenes, Palmer, Palmerlee, Parish, Park, Parke, Parker, Parkherst, Parks, Parmer, Parsons, Partridge, Patten, Patterson, Patton, Pearsall, Pearson, Pease, Peck, Pendrigh, Perison, Perkins, Perrin, Perry, Peter, Pettibone, Petty, Pettybone, Phelps, Philbrick, Philips, Phillips, Pickering, Pierce, Pierson, Pinkerton, Pinkney, Pittman, Pitts, Plat, Platt, Pope, Porit, Porrit, Porter, Postal, Posttle, Potter, Potts, Powell, Power, Pratt, Predmore, Presly, Preston, Prindel, Proctor, Putnam, Pyle, Queenan, Quick, Quness, Ragg, Randall, Randel, Ransford, Rathbun, Rathburn, Raught, Ray, Raynale, Raynor, Redmond, Reed, Regon, Reid, Reid, Rendall, Reyley, Reynold, Reynolds, Rhoads, Rice, Ricen, Rich, Richardson, Richmond, Rickard, Rickerd, Riggs, Rikerd, Rikes, Riley, Risden, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rockwell, Rodger, Rodimon, Rogers, Rood, Rose, Roseburgh, Rosebury, Rosenkrans, Ross, Rouse, Rowand, Royce, Ruaght, Rudd, Ruffles, Ruggels, Ruggles, Rundell, Russel, Rust, Rutt, Ryley, Ryman, Sadler, Sammers, Samuel, Sanderson, Sarolell, Satterlee, Saunderson, Sawtell, Saymor, Saymour, Schollard, Schutt, Scot, Scott, Scougale, Scudder, Sears, Seaton, Seeley, Seely, Selden, Seldon, Servis, Servise, Sessions, Seville, Sexton, Shadbolt, Shafton, Shain, Shanahan, Shanklin, Shaver, Shaw, Sheffield, Shelburt, Shelden, Shell, Sherman, Sherwood, Shippen, Shippey, Shirtiff, Shirtliff, Shirts, Short, Shuler, Shute, Sibly, Sikes, Simerson, Simmons, Simonson, Sinclair, Sisson, Skidmore, Skinner, Sleeper, Slingerland, Sloat, Sly, Smart, Smith, Snell, Snover, Snow, Snyder, Sova, Sowle, Spalding, Spaulding, Spear, Speer, Speller, Spencer, Sperry, Sprague, Spreyne, Stambo, Stanard, Standard, Stanley, Starkey, Starr, Steel, Steele, Stephens, Stephenson, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart, Stinson, Stockwell, Stoddard, Stone, Stoughton, Stout, Stowell, Strattor, Stringer, Stuart, Sugden, Sullivan, Suthard, Sutphin, Sutton, Swan, Swartz, Swayza, Swayze, Sweet, Swezey, Sykes, Tabbs, Taber, Tackels, Talbott, Tayler, Taylor, Teach, Teas, Tedman, Ten Eyck, TenEyck, Tennant, Tenney, Terry, Thacher, Thatcher, Thayer, Thomas, Thompson, Thornton, Thurber, Thurston, Tibbets, Tibbetts, Tibbits, Tibbles, Tibits, Tindall, Tinney, Tinny, Todd, Tollman, Tompkins, Toms, Tootill, Torry, Townsend, Traphagen, Travis, Treat, Trebuch, Trick, Trobridge, Trobrige, Troop, Trotwin, Trotwine, Trowbridge, Turner, Tutt, Tuttle, Tyler, Underhill, Underwood, Ureh, Utter, Valentine, Van Amburgh, Van Buren, Van Duzn, Van Epps, Van Sickle, VanDuzen, VanSteinburgh, Vaughan, Vaughn, Vincent, Vlett, Voorheis, Voorhies, Voornhies, Voughan, Voujal, Vreidinburgh, Waldo, Walker, Wallace, Wallan, Walter, Walton, Warner, Warren, Wass, Wasson, Waters, Watkins, Watson, Watters, Watts, Wazer, Weaver, Webb, Webster, Weed, Weeks, Welles, Wells, Wendall, Wendell, Wendel, Werrington, Wesson, West, Westmoreland, Weston, Wever, Weydemeyer, Wheeler, Wheelock, Whelock, Whitcomb, White, Whitemore, Whitfield, Whitney, Whitteman, Whittemon, Whittimore, Wilber, Wilbur, Wilcox, Wilder, Wilders, Wilkinson, Willcox, Willey, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Wilsey, Wilson, Winans, Windcate, Windeate, Windiate, Winfield, Winslow, Wisner, Witmore, Wixom, Wixsom, Woggles, Wolcott, Wolf, Wood, Woodford, Woodhull, Woodin, Woodman, Woodworth, Wooley, Woolf, Wooster, Worden, Wordon, Worthing, Worthman, Wortman, Wrighley, Wright, Wrigley, Wycoff, Yerkes, Youden, Youdoun, Youdun, Young, Zekush, Zimmerman

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