Morrisville, North Carolina Town Documents Posted Online

Morrisville, North Carolina has posted thousands of documents dealing with the town history. Click on the link to check them out. By Clicking on “Minutes,” you can pick the year you are interested in, and so forth… The following teaser is from an article posted in the April 16, 2014 edition of


MORRISVILLE [North Carolina] — It cost $3,116 to run the town of Morrisville in 1947, and the town’s primary source of income was whiskey fees.

Morrisville has put thousands of town documents dating back more than half a century online, providing a glimpse of the town’s history. The Council Records Library, which went live in March, features meeting minutes, ordinances and resolutions.

The town was originally incorporated in 1875, but the charter was repealed in 1933. It became a town again in 1947.

“If you look at (the minutes), it gives you the perspective of what a small town was going through trying to establish themselves,” said Mayor Mark Stohlman. “It’s funny that they were struggling with some of the same things we are now – the railroad crossings and roads.”

Like today, the bulk of the town’s revenue was used for personnel and streets. Morrisville set aside $700 for streets and $900 for law enforcement and labor during the 1947 fiscal year.

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