NGS Research in the States Series: Missouri

ngs06Beginning in 1987, the National Genealogical Society began publishing a series of state guides in the organization’s magazine, the Quarterly. These guides were later issued as special publications. The latest version of the series contains revised guides, plus additional states not included in the previous releases. NGS Research in the States Series: Missouri was written by Pamela Boyer Porter and Ann Carter Fleming.

“Missouri was the land of the Osage and their rival tribes. The jumping-off place for Lewis and Clark’s expedition of discovery. The early home to French trappers, mountain men, and Spanish garrisons and churches. In the wake of the American Revolution, it was the siren call for frontiersmen and land-hungry farmers out of British America. By teh mid-1800s, it was the gateway to the West for thousands of migrants headed for the gold mines of California, for the unspoiled new lands of Oregon, and for the trade riches offered by the Santa Fe Trail. Hundreds of thousands passed through or stayed a while, leaving traces for descendants who seek their records. This guide is intended to familiarize researchers with the state’s original and published resources, as well as the repositories that preserve this material.”

In the following words of the authors, the real purpose of this book is uncovered:

“People of every hue, creed, occupation, and origin left their tracks on Missouri’s hills, plains, and prairies. Their footprints are found throughout the state’s archives, libraries, and government offices. To study Missouri families, however, one must know the history of the state; and one must understand its records and their access”

This guide, as are all the state series guides, provides the researcher with the understanding of available resources and how to access these repositories.

Both authors are native Missourians with strong backgrounds in research, writing, and lecturing. Both are certified Genealogists and Certified Genealogical Lecturers. Pam has served on the boards of both the Federation of Genealogical Societies and the Missouri State Genealogical Association. Ann is a trustee of the Board for Certification of Genealogists and is the course coordinator at the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research, and has served on many other boards in the past.


Table of Contents

History and Settlement

Archives, Libraries, and Societies

  • Missouri State Archives
  • State Historical Society of Missouri
  • Western Historical Manuscript Collection
  • National Archives and Records Administration
    • National Archives–Central Plains Region
    • National Civilian Personnel Record Center
    • National Military Personnel Record Center
  • Missouri Historical Society
  • Other Libraries
  • Other Societies

Major Resources

  • Aids to Research
  • Atlases, Gazetteers, and Maps
  • Biographical Guides
  • Cemetery Records
  • Censuses and Census Substitutes
    • Colonial Censuses
    • Federal Censuses
    • State Censuses
    • Miscellaneous Censuses
  • City and County Directories
  • City-Level Research
  • Court Records
    • County-Level Courts
    • District and State-Level Courts
    • Federal Courts
  • Ethnic Records
    • African Americans
    • Native Americans
  • Land Records
    • Colonial Grants
    • U.S. Land Distribution
    • State-Level Land Records
    • County-Level Land Records
  • Military Records
    • Militia and National Guard Service
    • War of 1812
    • Indian War
    • Mormon War
    • Iowa or Honey War
    • Mexican War
    • Civil War
    • Civil War (Postwar Activities)
    • Spanish-American War
    • World War I
    • Other Military Actions
    • Military Records: Benefits
  • Naturalization Records
  • Newspapers
  • Religious Records
  • State Records
  • Tax Records
  • Vital Records
    • Adoption Records
    • Birth and Death Records
    • Marriage and Divorce Records
    • Miscellaneous “Vital Records”
  • Voter Registration
  • Women of Missouri
  • Conclusion


These guides are an excellent resource for state by state research. Available guides, including NGS Research in the States Series: Missouri are available from Family Roots Publishing.

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