Indiana Source Book Vol. 2; Genealogical Material From “the Hoosier Genealogist” 1967-1972

ihs026In my recent article, Indiana Source Book Vol. 1; Genealogical Material From “the Hoosier Genealogist” 1961-1966, I introduced this four volume series on historical Indiana records of genealogical value.. The editor, Willard Heiss, extracted in full the previously collected abstracts as printed in The Hoosier Genealogist, a journal of the Indiana Historical Society.

This volume takes from the years 1967 to 1972, having the full title, Indiana Source Book Vol. 2; Genealogical Material From “the Hoosier Genealogist” 1967-1972. Heiss had this to say about this second volume:

“Dorothy Ricker was the editor [of The Hoosier Genealogist] during this period. It will be noted that the quality and quantity of material is much improved. Dorothy did much of the transcribing and copying of the various records.”

Most of the records covered in this volume cover the early to mid 1800s. Read the following contents list to get a good idea of the records available herein:



School Enumeration Pike-Gibson Counties, 1844-1846

Abstracts of Early Wills o f Harrison County, 1827-1832

Marriages Performed by Elder John Wilson, Washington County

James A. Wilson bible Records

Owen County Marriage Records, 1819-1834

Census of Brookville, 1827

Woodruff Death Records

Delaware County Wills, 1831-1845

Martin County Marriages, 1820-1840

Bartholomew county Marriages, 1821-1832

Bartholomew county Probate Records, 1821-1829

Revolutionary War Prisoners Living in Indiana 1835

Indiana Residents on 1835 Pension Rolls

Burkhart Cemetery, Brown County

Tombstone Orders and Inscriptions of Wabash Valley, 1865-1866

Abstracts of Laporte County Wills, 1844-1871

The Bowen Family

Members and Friends of Little Pigeon Baptist Church, Spencer County, 1816-1840

March Cemetery, Jennings County, Indiana

Notes from Vermillion County Commissioner’s Record, 1824-1826

Hancock County Marriage Records, April 3, 1928-January 7, 1941

Cemetery Records in Genealogy Division, Indiana State Library

Patterns of Migration in the Colonial Period

Patterns of Post Revolutionary Migration

Parke County Wills, 1833-1841

Parke County Wills, 1842-1849

Voters in Deatborn County, Indiana Territory, August 3, 1812

Decatur County Marriage Records, 1822-1829

Decatur County Marriage Records, 1929-1837

Purchasers of Lots in the Town of Vernon, Jennings county, September 7-8, 1815 & June 17, 1817

Gibson County Marriage Records, 1813-1822

Children’s Indentures, Tippecanoe County, 1832-1835

Gibson County Marriage Records, 1823-1832

Crawford County Marriage Records, 1818-1835

Morgan County Marriage Records, 1822-1835

Masonic Mutual benefit Society of Indiana-Mortality Records, 1869-1877

Shelby County Marriages, 1830-1849

Indiana Post Offices, 1816-1825

Reminiscences of George Lowe, A Pioneer of Boone county

Posey County Marriage Records, 1814-1831

Land Purchases in Harrison County, 1807-1810

Students of Wolcottville (Indiana) Young Ladies Seminary, 1851-1853

Spencer County Marriages, 1818-1835

The Apprenticing of Children

Reminiscences of John Barner of Frankfort, Indiana

Franklin County Taxpayers, 1811

Dekalb County Marriages, 1837-1857

Fayette County Taxpayers, 1829

Washington County Marriages, 1815-1833

Abstracts of Ripley County Wills, 1819-1839

Index to 1840 – Census of Marion County, Indiana

Excerpts from the Lawrence Burg Oracle, 1820-21

Records of Vernal Baptist Church, Monroe County, 1817-1850


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