Using WolframAlpha for Family History Calculations

A very useful utility for genealogists is the WolframAlpha Computational Knowledge Engine found at I use it for all kinds of calculations related to my family history.

It’s as simple as typing in a question, and getting answers. The site calculates things. Following are some examples – simplified for my purpose here. Sometimes the answers are pretty detailed – like how many minutes (or seconds) have passed since my mother’s death – assuming I entered her date of death in the search engine.

  • How far is it from Victory, New York to Brighton, New York? 47 Miles
  • What day of the week was April 13, 1950? Thursday
  • How large is Pierce County, Washington? 1806 sq miles
  • What date was the first Thursday in April, 1852? Thursday, April 1, 1852
  • Father’s grandmother’s daughter’s son’s daughter – second cousin


The following two example categories for WolframAlpha are very applicable to genealogists.
People and History:

Dates and Times:

How do you use WolframAlpha?

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