Save the Records Discovered in SuperSearch – MyHeritage’s Online Historical Record Search Engine – Directly to Profiles in Your Family Tree

MyHeritage Document Tree
As my readers know, I am a big fan of the MyHeritage Website, and it’s SuperSearch. Yesterday, MyHeritage launched a new feature that lets you save the records you discover on SuperSearch ( directly to the relevant profiles in your family tree. You can also easily extract information from any record you save, which until now was only possible through Record Matches.

The new feature is a step in MyHeritage’s mission to combine family trees and historical records in the best possible way and make it easier for users to make the most of both.

Going forward they will apply the extract information technology to Smart Matches. According to Daniel Horowitz, they will also enable users to extract information from records to multiple profiles at once.

Check out the MyHeritage Blog for more details.

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