Finding and Using African American Newspapers

tnp01Other than doing a Google search, how else can a researcher find if an African American newspaper was ever published in a particular area. According to Timothy N. Pinnick, author of Finding and Using American American Newspapers, Google won’t cut it. Researchers will likely need the correct tools and guidance, the strategy, to find these

If you are sitting there asking the question, “are there actually black newspapers out there?” then you definitely need the help this book can provide. If your other questions include, “how do I locate them [black newspapers]?” or, “is there much in them aside from obituaries? or, “are they worth the time and effort?” then, again, this book was written to answer those questions.

Pinnick offers a process for locating African American newspapers and includes numerous tips and strategies he has come up with over the years. Learn to track down “vital social columns – packed full of invaluable genealogical information on your ancestors.”

About the Author

“Timothy Pinnick is an established national speaker and historical research with extensive research experience in newspapers, coal mining, and government documents.”


Table of Contents

Making the case for newspaper research
Locating black newspapers
Tips and strategies for searching newspapers
Newspapers online
Closing commentary
Select list of cities represented in social columns


Family Roots Publishing offers Finding and Using American American Newspaperson their website; Price: $11.76.

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