50 Family Tree Images

pt00150 Family Tree Images is a CD collection of uniquely designed graphical family tree images. Each file is a different piece of art to which you can add your family’s pedigree and print.

By adding family names to these artistic family tree renderings, you can create beautiful artwork for you home, office, or even for inclusion in a family history book. You can also reprint images with a different person in position 1. This could be used to create personalized gifts for family members.

How it works

  • Use the included thumbnail chart (found inside the case) to select the picture you wish to use
  • Import or open the .tif image file into your graphics program (e.g. PhotoShop Elements)
  • Use the graphics program to add text (family names) to the image
  • Print the image, small or large
  • Save the image for later use


Here are some project ideas from Paper Tree:PT6_0012

  • Frame and hang your charts
  • Make invitations to your reunion
  • Create a visual reference for you library
  • Help get the younger get involved in their family’s history
  • Even create placemats for family meals



Sample images from the disk:



50 Family Tree Images was put together by Paper Tree. Get the disk, and start making your own artistic family charts. Order from Family Roots Publishing; Price: $29.39.

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