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Brenda Frisard - Adoption Search Angel

LAPLACE [LOUISIANA] – Brenda Frisard, a retired postmaster from LaPlace, is what one might call a “search angel.”

Thousands of Louisiana adoptees search for information on their parents every year. Some are able to find what they need, but others are not so lucky — it is more than just a matter of searching for children who were adopted through a sealed process. These adoptees must retrieve their original paperwork and hope it contains enough information to find a lead. Because of the Louisiana laws, the process can be long and disheartening. Many need help but do not know where to turn. This is where Frisard comes into play.

“They’re all looking for a search angel — that’s what they call us. We do it for free. I don’t do this for the money. It’s something I do because I’m very passionate about what I believe in,” said Frisard.

Frisard has actively lobbied for the rights of adoptees. This year, she made it to the Senate floor with a proposed bill that would allow adoptees to access their original birth certificates, SB 155. The bill was signed by the governor and was sponsored by Sen. Danny Martiny.

“We made this bill to protect both sides. We covered every base, ” said Frisard.

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