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Nearly two years ago I posted links to 30 digitized historic Oregon Newpapers posted by the University of Oregon. At that time, they had about 180,000 page posted and the site was quickly developing into an important source of genealogical data. Although I can’t find a number of pages listed on the site, I’m sure that it’s now over 300,000. Over 92,000 pages of historic newspaper content from Ashland, Enterprise, Grants Pass, St. Helens, Pendleton, Portland, Salem, The Dalles, and Toledo have just been added according to an Oregon Digital Newspaper Program News Release. Sixty-six titles from 24 Oregon communities are now available to search. Following are links to the digitized historic Oregon newspaper titles, as well as links to other Oregon Newspaper resources.

The website was made possible through the Oregon Digital Newspaper Program (ODNP) and is the culmination of over two years of work by program staff at the University of Oregon Libraries, in collaboration with the Library of Congress, the National Endowment for the Humanities and a number of state agencies & stakeholders.

For additional resources dealing with Oregon newspapers, online and on microfilm, check the links at the end of the alphabetical place listing.

Check out the digitized Oregon newspapers by clicking on the links below:

Newspaper Name – City & State – Publication Span – Earliest Digitized Issue – Latest Digitized Issue

Ashland daily tidings; Ashland, Or., 1919-1970; 1919-09-021919-09-16

Ashland tidings; Ashland, Or., 1876-1919; 1912-05-301919-08-29

Ashland weekly tidings; Ashland, Or., 1919-1924; 1919-09-241922-12-27

The Daily Morning Astorian; Astoria, Or., 1883-1899; 1883-11-101890-12-31

Tri-Weekly Astorian; Astoria, Or., 1873-1874; 1873-07-011874-01-31

The Daily Astorian; Astoria, Or., 187?-1883; 1876-05-011883-11-09

Bandon recorder; Bandon, Or., 188?-1910; 1890-01-031905-10-19

Semi-weekly Bandon recorder; Bandon, Or., 1910-1915; 1913-10-211915-03-26

The Bandon recorder; Bandon, Or., 1915-19??; 1915-04-061916-06-27

The Bend Bulletin; Bend, Or., 1903-1931; 1903-03-271922-12-28

The Times-Herald; Burns, Harney County, Or., 1896-1929; 1906-01-061920-12-25

Grant County news; Canyon City, Or., 1879-05-101908-07-09

Bohemia nugget; Cottage Grove, Or., 1899-1907; 1899-01-201907-12-25

The News-record; Enterprise, Wallowa County, Or., 1907-1910; 1907-08-311910-12-28

Enterprise news-record; Enterprise, Wallowa County, Or., 1910-1911; 1910-12-311911-06-07

Wallowa County Chieftain; Enterprise, Or., 1909-1911; 1909-01-141910-12-29

The State Republican; Eugene City, Or., 1862-1863; 1862-01-011863-04-11

Broad-axe tribune; Eugene, Lane County, Or., 189?-189?; 1894-11-241894-11-24

Broad-axe; Eugene, Lane County, Or., 189?-19??; 1895-06-151900-02-28

Rogue River courier; Grants Pass, Or., 1886-1927; 1900-09-271913-12-26

Rogue River courier; Grants Pass, Or., 19??-1918; 1913-05-091918-12-31

The Columbia register; Houlton, Columbia County, Or., 1904-1906; 1904-04-291906-06-01

The Table Rock Sentinel; Jacksonville, Or., 1855-1858; 1856-01-051858-01-09

Oregon Sentinel; Jacksonville, Or., 1858-1888; 1858-01-161888-03-15

Wallowa Chieftain; Joseph, Union County, Or., 1884-1909; 1902-01-021909-01-07

The Evening Herald; Klamath Falls, Or., 1906-1942; 1908-02-011922-12-30

Lake County examiner; Lakeview, Lake County, Or., 1880-1915; 1900-08-301914-06-25

The Madras pioneer; Madras, Crook County, Or., 1904-current; 1904-08-251912-12-26

The Coast mail; Marshfield, Or., 187?-1902; 1879-05-171902-11-22

Daily Coast Mail; Marshfield, Or., 1902-1906; 1902-06-101904-12-21

Weekly Coast Mail; Marshfield, Coos County, Or., 1902-1906; 1902-11-291904-07-09

The Coos Bay Times; Marshfield, Or., 1906-1957; 1907-04-211916-05-23

Medford mail tribune; Medford, Or., 1909-1989; 1909-11-011916-07-31

Medford Mail Tribune; Medford, Or., 1909-1989; 1907-11-061916-07-31

The Ontario Argus; Ontario, Or., 1???-1947; 1909-06-111922-12-28

Oregon Spectator; Oregon City, O.T. [i.e. Or.], 1846-1855; 1846-02-051855-02-10

Oregon free press; Oregon City [Or.], 1848-1848; 1848-04-151848-11-25

The east Oregonian; Pendleton, Umatilla County, Or., 1875-1911; 1877-01-061881-03-12

East Oregonian: E.O.; Pendleton, Umatilla Co., Or., 1888-current; 1877-01-061901-03-18

East Oregonian: E.O; Pendleton, Umatilla Co., Or., 1888-current; 1888-03-011912-05-16

The Oregonian; Portland, O.T. [Or.], 1850-1854; 1850-12-041850-12-04

The New Northwest; Portland, Or., 1871-1887; 1871-05-051881-12-29

Morning Oregonian; Portland, Or., 1861-1937; 1850-12-041906-04-30

Morning Oregonian; Portland, Or., 1861-1937; 1878-09-191922-01-31

The Sunday Oregonian; Portland, Ore., 1881-current; 1895-01-061922-01-29

The New Age; Portland, Or., 1896-1905; 1899-11-251905-05-06

Portland New Age; Portland, Or., 1905-1907; 1906-04-281907-04-20

The Oregon Daily Journal; Portland, Or., 1902-1972; 1904-07-011907-10-02

Eagle Valley news; Richland, Or., 191?-1919; 1914-06-181919-07-10

The Plaindealer; Roseburg, Or., 1870-190?; 1895-01-031905-11-30

The Columbian; St. Helens, Columbia County, Or., 1880-1886; 1882-03-101886-02-04

St. Helens mist; St. Helens, Or., 1913-1933; 1914-06-191921-04-22

St. Johns Review; Saint Johns, Or., 1904-current; 1904-11-111922-12-29

Willamette Farmer; Salem, Or., 1869-1887; 1869-06-281887-08-26

Evening Capital Journal; Salem, Or., 1888-1893 ; 1888-03-011893-06-24

Capital Journal; Salem, Or., 1893-1895; 1893-06-261895-12-31

Daily Capital Journal; Salem, Or., 1896-1899; 1896-01-011899-06-29

The Daily Journal; Salem, Or., 1899-1903; 1899-06-301903-11-24

Daily Capital Journal; Salem, Or., 1903-1919; 1903-11-251909-10-30

Daily capital journal.; Salem, Or., 1903-1919; 1903-11-251916-12-08

The Umpqua Weekly Gazette; Scottsburg, O.T. [Or.], 1854-1855; 1854-01-061855-08-23

Umpqua Gazette; Scottsburg, O.T. [Or.], 1855-1855; 1855-10-031855-10-03

The Springfield news; Springfield, Lane County, Or., 19??-1914; 1907-01-111907-07-16

The Springfield news; Springfield, Lane County, Or., 1916-current; 1916-05-151922-12-28

The Lane County news; Springfield, Lane County, Or., 1914-1916 1915-02-041916-05-11

The Sumpter miner; Sumpter, Or., 1899-1905; 1899-09-131905-04-12

The daily mountaineer; Dalles, Or., 1861-1866; 1864-02-201866-06-07

The Dalles daily chronicle; The Dalles, Or., 1890-1948; 1890-12-151921-06-30

The Dalles times-mountaineer; The Dalles, Or., 1882-1904; 1889-08-311899-12-30

The Dalles weekly chronicle; The Dalles, Or., 1890-1947; 1890-12-201898-12-31

Tillamook Herald; Tillamook, Tillamook County, Or., 1896-1934; 1913-01-031922-05-11

Lincoln County leader; Toledo, Lincoln County, Or., 1893-1987; 1893-03-091922-12-28

The Oregon scout; Union, Union County, Or., 188?-1918; 1884-12-121891-12-31

Malheur enterprise; Vale, Or., 1909-current; 1909-11-201922-12-30


Historical essays for newspaper titles in Historic Oregon Newspapers.

Oregon Newspapers on Microfilm, Listed by County. A list of microfilm held at the University of Oregon Library. Most of this film was produced by the Library’s Oregon Newspaper Project and are available for purchase, or may be borrowed through your local library. Place purchase requests through ONP (email: or call 541-346-1822. Place interlibrary loan requests and research requests through Microforms (email:

More Historic Oregon Newspapers Online – Listed by County

Online Digital collections from the University of Oregon and Oregon State University

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