New Jersey Senate Passes Adoptee’s Rights Bill

It’s been a few days since the New Jersey Senate passed this biil, but I missed it – so I’m posting this blog now. Better late than never…

The following excerpt is from the June 21, 2013 edition of

TRENTON – The state Senate approve a bill sponsored by Senator Joseph F. Vitale and Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg which would give adoptees in New Jersey access to their medical history and birth records on Thursday.

“Knowing who you are and where you came from is a right that all people deserve,” said Vitale, D-Middlesex. “But without access to original birth certificates, many adoptees are left in the dark regarding their family medical, cultural and social history. Without this information, adoptees are often put at a disadvantage when it comes to making informed health decisions. Providing these men and women with access to this vital information by no means compromises the privacy of the birth parent, but instead provides adoptees with valuable insight into their family history.”

The bill, S-2814, would allow for an adopted person over the age of 18, their direct descendant, sibling or spouse, an adoptive parent or guardian, or a state or federal agency to access an uncertified, long-form copy of the adoptee’s original birth certificate through the New Jersey State Registrar. Additionally, the adoptive person would receive any available information regarding contact preferences with their biological parent and family history information.

The bill was approved by the Senate with a vote of 30-8. It must now head to the General Assembly for further consideration.

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