Turn Your iPad into a Genealogy Powerhouse

iPad GenealogyYears ago, I taught a class on technology for genealogists. In this class I discussed the value of new technologies for genealogists, like those new USB thumb drives, some having as much as 256MB or memory, if you could pay for such. During these classes at genealogical events, I would discuss with the group new products and concepts under development and how they may help genealogists. While not every technology we discussed has become a reality, some products the were mere concepts are now mainstream tech tools. The iPad and tablets are such devices. Now, however, that the iPad is in its third generation, many genealogists are still asking the questions we discussed long ago, how can the iPad and other tablets help the genealogists.

Fortunately, there are some dedicated professionals who have pondered that very question. When the first iPad came out Lisa Louise Cooke couldn’t wait to buy one. However, after some persuading, her husband convinced her it would not take long before a second, more robust and vetted version, would find its way to market. Sure enough the iPad 2 was not long in the waiting. Even before it hit the stores, Cooke had her’s on order. Then her iPad arrived. Like so many, she played with the apps the unit came with. Then she downloaded a few more. Then, she discovered what so many others have found, no support for Flash media. How was she to watch videos? Now what? In her words, “Eventually I found myself playing Angry Birds, wondering what I was going to do with it.” She was perplexed.

“As I sat on the couch and flung yet another pudgy red cardinal at a pile of pigs my husband walked by and asked? ‘Did you just buy the most expensive email checker EVER?’

At that moment my mission became clear: Figure out how to make this amazing piece of hardware a genealogy workhorse!”

And that she did. Now Lisa Louise Cooke has shared her discoveries in a new book, Turn Your iPad into a Technology Powerhouse. Like all her writings, this new book is personable. Her writing style is both friendly and easy to read. Plus, she does waste time on lofty irrelevance. She gets straight to the point. Apps are summarized clearly, and their value to genealogists explained distinctly. In the first section, she briefly covers table thinking for genealogists. From there the book includes:

  • Over 65 ideal apps for genealogists
  • 32 fantastically helpful tips, tricks, and power user techniques
  • Ways to handle the absence of Adobe Flash
  • Recommended online videos

For those with a non-Apple tablet, comparable apps available in Google Play are included.


Table of Contents

Introduction: The Most Expensive Email Checker You Ever Bought

Part One: Getting Started

Chapter One: The Tablet Mindset

Chapter Two: The Genealogist “To Do” Wish List

Part Two: The Apps

Chapter Three: There’s an App for That!

Chapter Four: Audio/Visual Apps

Chapter Five: Apps That Help You Captivate the Non-Genealogists in Your Life

Chapter Six: Collaboration and Communication Apps

Chapter Seven: File Storage and Sharing

Chapter Eight: Genealogy Apps

Chapter Nine: Note Taking Apps

Chapter Ten: Organization Apps

Chapter Eleven: Photography Apps

Chapter Twelve: Reading Apps

Chapter Thirteen: Repository Apps

Chapter Fourteen: Travel Apps

Chapter Fifteen: Utility Apps

Part Three: Become a Power User

Chapter Sixteen: Power Boost Your Table with Remote Access

Chapter Seventeen: Fabulous iPad Tips and Tricks

Part Four: Conclusion

Chapter Eighteen: Adventurous Genealogy

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Turn Your iPad into a Technology Powerhouse can be yours. Order today, from Family Roots Publishing, Price: $18.76.

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