Can You Spot the Mother in the Picture?

Can You Spot the Mother? Photo courtesy of Laura Shill
Wilbur Hanson Kalb shared a most fascinating link with me last evening. It seems that Reader’s Digest is running a feature titled “Mothers in Hiding” in celebration of Mother’s Day in its May 2013 issue. As Mr Kalb points out, “In the 1840s and 1850s (not the 1820s, as Reader’s Digest claimed), when photography was new, the camera would take so long to make a shot that children couldn’t and wouldn’t sit still for the birdie. They became blurs. In those days, photographs were not cheap. So, to make perfect little angels out of their little nasty devils, the mothers had to disguise themselves as curtains, decorative throws and tapestries. You can play the game, “Can You Spot the Mother?” at the following link:

Seven very interesting photos are found by clicking on the above link. I had no idea…

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