KwikTips: Real Photo Postcards

Real Photo PostcardsLately I have seen a big increase in the number of quick-reference guides published on a variety of topics. In two and four-page laminated layouts, these guides are easy to carry, are durable, and generally water resistant. In addition, they tend to be colorful, easy to understand and follow, and cover a wide range of topics genealogists find useful and interesting. Over the past year, I have reviewed many such guides covering photo identification, citation, research practices, and specific research topics like Polish ancestry, and others.

Recently, Gary Clark, author of Photo Restoration KwikGuide and owner of, release his first three “KwikTips” guides for photo identification (click here to see previous post on these guides). Clark has now added an additional KwikTips for Real Photo Postcards. This new, two-page, guide packs a wallop of information for the identification and dating of late 19th and early 20th century photo postcards.

Photo postcards increased in popularity going into the early 20th century. Changes in 1907 made full-card photos possible. Yet, it wasn’t long before the modern age brought an effective end to the popularity of photocards. This guide offers researchers a quick way to identify and date these photo cards, by providing:

  • Coverage of different formats
  • Includes beautiful reproductions of the postal stamps used; with dates available
  • Key points regarding the ‘golden era’ of postcards beginning in 1907
  • An introduction to stamp boxes lets you date the most common postcard paper stock
  • Historical tips and information about the modern divided back postcards
  • A link to a comprehensive list of stamp boxes used in dating photo postcards

With this information, researchers can usually date photo postcards to within a few years. Having a convenient guide, formatted for ease of use and durable against ware, is a nice addition to any genealogists traveling research box or home library.

About the Author
Gary Clark is a professional photographer, restorer, and genealogist who has merged these skills with his passion for collecting photographs. His 30 years of experience in digital imaging brings a unique and thorough understanding of photograph problems and how to solve them. Clark introduced to genealogists and collectors in 2000, and he continually expands the free information with a gallery of over 1,000 images, weekly case studies, and historical information about 19th century photographs.

Copies of KwikTips: Real Photo Postcards are available from Family Roots Publishing; Price: $5.99.

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