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The following excerpt is from an article posted in the 30 March 2013 edition of

Since Ireland was the first European country to adopt inherited paternal surnames it should come as no surprise that the Irish lead the way in using DNA, surnames, and place names to literally pinpoint precisely where one’s direct male Irish ancestor lived approximately 1,000 years ago.

This means that for the first time ever anyone with Irish ancestry can reconnect with Ireland in a way that their ancestors could only ever have imagined. The new Irish Genetic Homeland Finder website takes genealogy into a whole new orbit. It came about from collaboration between Dr Tyrone Bowes of Irish Origenes and Brad Larkin of Medical Incentive Technologies LLC, both of whom are passionate about Ireland and Irish DNA.

The Genetic Homeland finder is an interactive website that can be used by those simply curious about their own Irish surname, or those interested in the many Irish surnames that appear in their family tree.

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