Salt Lake Christmas Tour…………. Week’s Peek

Do you recall that back in January we talked about goals………. and our Salt Lake Christmas Tour family’s goals? 

According to that January list, we should already have accomplished these goals or steps:  (January) Sorted and organized all the research notes and stuff you brought home.  (February) Wrote thank you cards from Christmas and from the Tour to anybody who especially helped you.  (March) Entered your newly found family history data into your computer program or your online program.

The goal for April was to “make a plan to include cemeteries or research into your 2013 trips.” 

Have you ever heard this couplet:  With a plan you will not fail; without a plan you will not succeed. 

Let’s have some realistic genealogy goals during 2013 and let us also work to accomplish them. Sound like a good idea?  

Would enjoy your feedback on your goal setting.

Donna, aka Mother Hen, until next peek.


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