The Original Lists of Persons of Quality: 1600-1700

In another of the fantastic books reprinted in 2012 by the New England Historical and Genealogical Society (NEHGS), the 1874 book The Original Lists of Persons of Quality: 1600-1700, by John Camden Hotten, provides individual names compiled from documents listing seventeenth-century English immigrants to New England, the Chesapeake, and the Caribbean. The current reprint comes with a foreword by Robert Charles Anderson, director of The Great Migration Study Project.

From the Introduction, the author speaks to this work:

“Little could even the most sanguine of the early emigrants to America have contemplated the subsequent effect which their action would work upon the world’s history. Some of them, it is true, were men of position at home, with wealth and all its concomitant advantages at their disposal, but by far the greater number was composed of comparatively obscure men—men of little means, but possessed of hears and consciences of too honest a nature to permit them quietly to submit to the intolerance which was forced upon them at home. But those whose names are recorded in the following pages, with many others of whom no such minute particulars have come down to us, were the seed-grains from which the mighty Republic has sprung—the rapid growth of which has no parallel in the world’s history.”

The author goes on to assure the reader this book is not a work of history in regards to the colonies and their eventual independence, but simply to highlight some of the causes for early emigration of English families to American and to provide an “assistance in making genealogical researches in the mother country.” Predominately, this nearly 600 page book contains lists of names with a few notes. The contents listed below detail the listings and their nature.

“Despite the passage of more than a century, and despite the publication of several more versions of some of these records in the intervening years, this volume by Hotten remains the best source for seventeenth-century passenger records, and should be preferred to all others.” – foreword by Robert Charles Anderson, The Great Migration Study Project


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Register of the Names of all the Passengers from London During One Year, Ending Christmas, 1635

In the Ship:

  • Bonaventure
  • Bonaventure
  • Hopewell
  • Christian
  • Planter
  • Peter Bonaventure
  • Hopewell
  • Elizabeth
  • Rebecca
  • Paul
  • Eliza & Ann
  • Encrease
  • Sussan & Ellen
  • Falcon
  • Expectation
  • Ann & Elizabeth
  • Abigail
  • Alexander
  • Plain Joane
  • Matthew
  • Speedwell
  • Thomas & John
  • Truelove
  • James
  • Defence
  • Defence
  • Blessing
  • Philip
  • America
  • Tansport
  • Paul
  • Pied Cow
  • Love
  • Alice
  • Hopwell
  • Assurance
  • Primrose
  • Merchant’s Hope
  • Elizabeth
  • Bachelor
  • Globe
  • Safety
  • George
  • Thomas
  • William & John
  • David
  • Truelove
  • Dorset
  • Hohn
  • Amity
  • Constance
  • Abraham
  • Expedition
  • Friendship

Passengers by the Commission and Soldiers According to the Statute, Christmas, 1631, to Christmas, 1632

Entries Relating to America, From the Patent Rolls

Lists of the Living and Dead in Virginia, 16 Feby., 1623

Walloons and French Emigrants to Virginia

Musters of the Inhabitants of Virginia (Circa) 1626

Returns of Those Who Embarked from Ipswich and Weymouth for New England, 1634 to 1637

  • From Ipswich, in the Ship Francis
  • From Ipswich in the Ship Elizabeth
  • From Weymouth, in the Ship _____ [1635]

Register of Persons About to Pass into Foreign Parts, from March to Sept., 1637

  • From Ipswich, in the John & Dorothy
  • From Yarmouth, in the Rose
  • From Southampton, in the Virgin [1639]
  • From Southampton, in the Bevis [1638]

The Summer Islands, 1673 to 1679

  • Names of the Governor and council of the Assembly, Aug., 1673
  • Account of the Lands belonging to the Summer Islands Company, taken out of Mr. Richard Norwood’s Survey Book, made in 1662-3

Monmouth Rebellion of 1685: —Lists of Convicted Rebels Sent to the Barbadoes and Other Plantations in America

  • Receipt for 100 Prisoners to be transported from Taunton, by John Rose, of London, Merchant
  • Invoice of 68 Men-servents shipped on Board the Jamaica Merchant, Capt. Chas. Gardner, for Account of John Rose & Compy., they being to be sold for 10 Years
  • Receipt for 100 Prisoners on Mr. Nepho’s Account, to be sent to Barbadoes. [Prisoners in Dorchester Gaol to be transported.]
  • Prisoners in Exeter Gaol to be transported
  • Prisoners at Wells to be transported
  • List of the Convicted Rebels on Board the Betty, of London, at the Port of Weymouth
  • List of 72 Rebels Granted by his Majesty to Gerome Nepho, with the Names of their Masters in Barbadoes
  • Sir Wm. Booth’s Receipt for 100 Prisoners, on Account of James Kendall [Prisoners in Dorchester Gaol to be transported]
  • Certificate of Disposal of Capt. Kendall’s Rebels.—A List of 90 Rebels by the Happy Return, with the Names of their Masters to whom they were disposed
  • Sir Wm. Booth’s List of Prisoners sent to Barbadoes, with the Names of the Towns in Somersetshire and Devonshire from whence they came
  • A List of 77 Convicted Rebels, imported from Bristol in the John Frigate
  • Sir Wm Booth’s Receipt for 100 Prisoners—56 from Bridewell at Taunton, 33 from Bridgewater Prison at Taunton, and 11 from Exeter
  • The Sale of 67 Rebels, delivered by Capt. Charles Gardner, of the Jamaica Merchant

Tickets Granted to Emigrants from Barbadoes to New England, Carolina, Virginia, New York, Antingua, Jamaica, Newfoundland, and Other Places, 1678-9

Barbadoes:—Parish Registers—Births and Deaths—Lists of Inhabitants—Landed Proprietors—Servants, & c., 1678-9

  • Parish Registers of St. Michael’s Baptisms
  • Parish Registers of St. Michael’s Burials
  • List of Inhabitants of St. Michael’s, with their Hired Servants, ‘Prentices, Bought Servants, and Negroes
  • List of the Jews of St. Michael’s
  • Alphabetical List of Landowners in St. Michael’s, with the Number of their Acres, Hired Servants, Bought Servants, and Negroes
  • Owners of Land in the Parish of St. George, Number of Acres, White Servants, and Negroes [1679]
  • Parish Registers of St. George—Baptisms [1678-9]
  • Parish Registers of St. George—Burials
  • Parish Registers of St. Andrews—Owners of Lands, Number of Acres, Servants, Negroes, Christenings, Burials
  • Parish Registers of Christchurch—Landowners, Acres, Servants, Negroes
  • Parish Registers of Christchurch—Baptisms [167809]
  • Parish Registers of Christchurch—Burials [167809]
  • Parish Registers of St. James’—Baptisms
  • Parish Registers of St. James’—Burials
  • Parish Registers of St. James’—Landowners, Servants, Negroes [1678-9]
  • Parish Registers of St. John’s—Baptisms [1678-9]


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