The Best from American Canals Number VII

In the last two newsletters I was able to feature two publications from the American Canal Society’s The Best From American Canals series. This third publication, The Best From American Canals: Volume VII, contains another 83 selected articles representing the best from years of publications.

The feature article in this issue covers an American Canal Society excursion to the Columbia and Snake Rivers. I personally remember my own youthful awe when at the age of 14 I first crossed the Columbia river on the Astoria-Megler Bridge. At 14 miles up from the rivers mouth, the steel cantilever through truss bridge spans a full 4.1 miles, making it the longest continuous truss bridge in North America. The average width of the river running the Oregon-Washington board is one mile. While not the size of “Old Man River”, it is an impressive sight none the less. The article includes information on dams and lift-lock gates, along with trip details and impressions.

From Erie to Panama, American canals and major waterways have played a vital historical and economical role in the growth of the United States and cities throughout the country; especially, in the eastern states were canals were in use long before the iron horse came speeding along the industrial era.

In 1972 the American Canal Society was formed with the purpose “to encourage the preservation, restoration, interpretation and usage of the navigation canals of the United States, past and present.” From its beginnings, the society has produced the quarterly American Canals. The periodical provides information on North American canals and waterways, both past and present.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Columbia & Snake River Adventure
Tampaulipas – Texas Barge Canal
Tainter Gates
Middlesex Canal Poster
Apalachicola – Chattahoochee – Flint Waterway
Abraham Lincoln & the I&M Canal
Passenger Packets on the Ohio & Erie Canal
Circular Chambers on the Canal du Midi
Sunken French Train in Gatun Lake
Canal Telegraph Line
Canal Boat W.C.
Canal Soc. Of N.Y.S. Hosts D&H Canal Tour
“Canal Boat to Freedom”
Robert Legget 1904-1994
C&O Canal & the Civil War
Morris Canal Accident
Steam Tug Trapped
The Seaway – After 35 Years
The Hennepin – Ronald Reagan’s Canal
International Historic Canals Conference
New Canal Boat Launched in Easton
Canal Park Proposed
Steam & Pleasure Boats Invade D&R Canal
Brownsville Museum
The Other Lock at Schuylerville
Water Level Control on the Ohio & Erie
Union Canal Designated Historic Landmark
Blackstone Canal Conservancy
The Black River Canal
Trials & Tribulations – Canal Boat Vs. Steam Boat
New Canal Boat at Metroparks – Toledo
The Green River of Kentucky
N.Y. State’s Working Lock Model
With the Shakers on the Erie Canal
Canalabration in the Maumee Valley
1834 Riots on the C&O Canal
Guillotines & Elevator Shaft Locks
Canal Way Trail – Albany to Buffalo
P.C.S. Tours Lehigh Gorge & Ashley Planes
Big Year for the Seaway
Corps of Engineers & West Point
New Chenango Canal Book
Erie Canal Tolls Return
Canal Lock Disasters
Vertical Canalling
International Canal Conference
Ohio River Guide Book
1995 Quimby’s Cruising Guide Available
Pennsylvanians Tour Morris Canal
“Jersey Devil” Sighted in Bristol
Dredging Will Open Up Erie Canal
“American Queen” Maiden Voyage
C.S.N.J. Tours Chenango & Erie Canals
Trials & Tribulations – Collision on Chicago River
Conference at Schubenacadie Canal
Navigable Canals Committee Report
Red Sea – Dead Sea Canal
Environmental Corner
Waterways Map of Europe
Ohio & Erie Canal Corridor Study
C.S.N.J. Cruises Canal du Midi
Erie Canal Book
Penna “Main Line” Picture Book
Robert Fulton – Canal Delineator
Winston Churchill Canal Fellowship
Caledonia Canal Twins with Rideau
Quimby’s 1993 Guide Available
Old St. Lawrence Canals
National Canal Museum
Sandy & Beaver Canal Book
1994 – The golden Year for Irish Canals
1994 International Conference – Historic Canals
1996 World Canal Conference – Birmingham, England
New Book on Potomac Cement Mills
Anderton to Lift Again
Erie Canal Museum at Lockport
Historic Photo – English Narrow Boat
Navigable Canals Committee Report
Moscow to St. Petersburg by Boat
Traffic Lights of New Main – Danube Canal
I&M Historic Map Available
James Brindley and the Early Canals



Copies of The Best From American Canals Number VII are available from Family Roots Publishing; Price: $7.79.

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