Terminology Found in Historic Newspapers

Mary Harrell-Sesniak wrote an excellent article for the GenealogyBank blog, posted On February 11, 2013. She deals with a number of terms that are often seen but may not be understood. Following is a list of terms that she explained in detail – with examples:

  • Communicated (often abbreviated Com.)
  • Requests to Insert
  • Mastheads
  • Banns or Bans (or Publishing of the Banns)
  • Consort
  • Relict (relictus)
  • Instant (often abbreviated inst.)
  • Proximo (often abbreviated prox.)
  • Ultimo (often abbreviated ult.)

Ms Harrell-Sesniak also deal with the New and Old Style References for Dates (often abbreviated N.S. and O.S.).

It’s an interesting blog, and I recommend checking it out.

Thanks to ResearchBuzz for the Heads-Up.

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