German Records Research Package

Family Roots Publishing is offering German researchers a four-book package at a discounted price. Three of these books are by Fay and Douglas Dearden, with the final acting as an updated supplemental to one of the books. Together these books help you find and read German records, including reading Old Gothic. Here is a brief synopsis of each with a link to a full review (just click the title).

Deciphering Gothic Records is a great little flip book designed to help those with German ancestry read and understand older German documents and handwriting. The books contents include information and words common to traditional vital records; including; birth, christenings, marriages, deaths, and burials.

Meyers Orts was published in 1912, printed in old Gothic typeface. Understanding Meyers Orts: Translating Guide for the Directory of the Towns and Places in the German Empire, by Fay S. Dearden, is effectively a manual to understanding and reading this old gazetteer. This spiral-bound guide demonstrates how to read Meyers Orts entries as well as understanding, translating, the old Gothic script. The majority of the book demonstrates letters and abbreviations as found throughout the book, listed here in alphabetical order. For each entry there is a sample of the old script, a modern typeface copy plus the entry’s meaning in both German and English.

Authors Fay Dearden and Douglas Dearden distinctly descibe their book, The German Researcher: How To Get The Most Out Of An LDS Family History Center, Fourth Edition, right up front in the first paragraph of their Introduction: “This book has been written to provide genealogists with a step-by-step guide to finding German information, especially when using a Family History Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS).”

German Genealogy Research Online: Tips and Links was written to help genealogists with online research, the book deals with using the Internet to advance an individual’s Germanic genealogy. The book is small but packed full of critical data to German research. With its updated addresses and resources, it also makes an excellent addendum to The German Researcher.


Get all four books together, at a discount, from Family Roots Publishing; German Records Research Package, Price: $25.42.

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