Tracing Your English & Scottish Ancestors

Moorshead Magazines is the publisher of Family Chronicle, Internet Genealogy, and Discovering Family History. Every so often the company collects the best articles on a particular subject from each of the three magazines and combines them into a special edition. Tracing You English & Scottish Ancestors is one such release.

Produced in 2011, this 56-page special edition features 19 articles relevant to English and Scottish research. A complete list of article can be found below. In addition, before publication articles were updated to ensure source materials and online references were up to date. While some references may change with time, having the source names can help researches find any altered sites usually with some ease. The cover helps describe the contents: “From parish records, birth registrations and electoral rolls to old newspapers, telephone directories and online databases, we’ll show you what you need and where to find it!” Perhaps the best descriptor of contents, in this case, come from the actual list of contents, which can be found below.

This guide covers topics which can help the researcher find more recent ancestors, even kin still living in the UK or Scotland. Other articles focus on older collections and helpful topics like reading older-style handwriting. This guide works equally well for those with British ancestors but they themselves live in other countries, as well as, British and Scottish citizens researching their past in country.



British WWII Merchant Vessel Cards

David A. Norris examines an under-appreciated genealogical resource

WII Guest Children

John D. Reid looks at the records of children evacuated from Britain

British Poor Records in the Parish Chest

Richard Crooks tells you how to unlock parish chest records

Online Catalogs and Databases of English County Record Offices

Alan Stewart takes you on a tour of what is available at English county record offices

Newsworthy Genealogy: British Newspaper Archives

John D. Reid read up on family history in online newspaper archives

Researching Your Scottish Ancestry

Marian Press looks at the wealth of resources available from Scotland

Net Notes: UK Telephone Directories

Halvor Moorshead looks at a great website that is sure to be of interest

Researching Your Trafalgar Ancestors

If your ancestors fought at Trafalgar, David A. Norris can help you find them

Finding and Using English and Welsh BMDs

George G. Morgan looks at what you can learn from British civil registration records

35 Top Sites for Scottish Research

Marian Press takes you on a virtual tour of the top sites for Scottish resources

Locate Anglican Parish Records in England

George G. Morgan shows you how to take advantage of this great resource

Olde English Handwriting: An Online Course

Diane L. Richard looks at an online course for deciphering old handwriting

Home Children: British Child Immigrants to Canada

Janice Nickerson looks at genealogy’s forgotten orphans and how you can find them

British Electoral Rolls

According to Garrick Webster, voters lists are a great way to find long-lost British kin

Finding Old UK Maps Online

Rachel Newcombe shows you how to map out a strategy for finding your family

The Business of Putting British Records Online

Jenny Roche shares several sources on how to do your British research

Cornish Online Parish Clerks

Julia Mosman describes a genealogy initiative that we hope will spread

Canmore: Scottish Archives Online

David A. Norris browses through Scotland’s historical archives

Copies of Tracing Your English & Scottish Ancestors are available from Family Root Publishing; Price: $7.95.

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  1. Hello, Leland and Patty: I clicked on the title of the Mooreshead magazine and when I got there, it said not to order. So I didn’t but I would like to have a copy when it is reprinted. How do I do that? Thank you.

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