The NEW 5th Edition of The Genealogist’s Internet

The 5th Edition of The Genealogist’s Internet is available. Like any Internet book, a regular update is necessary just to stay accurate. As over three years have passed since the previous version, a new version was needed. However, this new version offers all the same great insight as its predecessor.

The Genealogist’s Internet takes a uniquely British approach to covering family history research on the Internet. Websites covered include some of the common sites most genealogist have come to expect; FamilySearch, Yahoo and Google search engines, etc. However, the majority of the sites listed in this book are focused on British research. Discussions of national archives means the British National Archives, not the U.S. Instead of most websites ending in “.com”, the links in this book mostly end “”.

You might ask how an Internet book could be British. Isn’t the Internet the same the world over? Isn’t that why they call it the World Wide Web? Well, yes and no. The fact is, there are websites managed all over the world that are useful to family historians. It is common to focus one’s search for resources on “local” websites first. Google, for example, even considers where you are geographically when providing search results. Cultural differences, government regulations, and many other factors contribute to the way we search the Internet, even if we don’t always realize it.

“But, I live in the U.S. How can this book help me?” I know you were just thinking that very question. I answer with a question. Can you trace your roots to the British Isles? If so, then what better place to search for your ancestors than on websites dedicated to British records and family history.

In The Genealogist’s Internet, you will find information covering:

  • major new sites and facilities such as the British Newspaper Archive, the relaunched FamilySearch, and The National Archives’ Discovery service
  • the latest records added to the commercial data services (and those in the pipeline)
  • the increasing range of free genealogical records for Ireland
  • expanded coverage of how to use social networking sites, court records, and digitised books
  • and much more…

This book is an exceptional companion to any other Internet resource book you may already have. With its primary focus on the British Isles you will likely find countless resources you may not have know existed. For researching your British family history from across the pond, the Internet is easily the most affordable and quickest way to acquire information and The Genealogist’s Internet is your yellow pages to success.


Table of Contents


  • Web addresses
  • Disappearing resources
  • What’s new in the edition
  • Acknowledgements


  • Genealogy and the internet
  • Offline genealogy
  • History

First Steps

  • Beginners’ guides
  • Online lectures
  • Getting help
  • Genealogical terms and abbreviations

Online Starting Points

  • the British Isles
  • General genealogy gateways

Using Online Sources

  • Approaches to digitization
  • Indexes, transcriptions and images
  • Quality issues
  • Searching online records
  • FamilySearch
  • The commercial data services
  • Document services
  • Image formats and viewers
  • Which data service?
  • Common problems

Civil Registration

  • England and Wales
  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • Offshore
  • Certificate exchanges
  • Overseas


  • General information
  • Digitizing census records
  • Free census indexes
  • The commercial services
  • Ireland
  • Overseas

Church Records

  • Parish churches
  • FamilySearch
  • Other free collections
  • Local resources
  • Commercial data services
  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • The Roman Catholic Church
  • Nonconformist churches
  • Municipal burials and cremations
  • Monumental inscriptions

Property, Taxation and Crime

  • Wills
  • Land and taxation
  • Crime
  • Civil courts
  • Church courts


  • Occupational terms
  • General information
  • Individual industries and occupations
  • The learned professions
  • Company records
  • Trade unions

The Armed Forces

  • General information
  • The Royal Navy and merchant navy
  • The Army
  • The Royal Air Force
  • Medals
  • Commemoration

Migration and Colonies

  • Passenger lists
  • The Americas
  • Australasia
  • Africa and the Caribbean
  • India
  • European immigration

Print Sources

  • Books
  • Electoral records
  • Directories
  • Newspapers

Archives and Libraries

  • Gateways to archives
  • The National Register of Archives
  • National archives
  • The Discovery service
  • Other catalogues
  • The national libraries
  • County record offices
  • Public libraries
  • University libraries
  • Family History Centers and the Family History Library
  • The Society of Genealogists
  • Beyond the British Isles

Surnames, Pedigrees and Families

  • Surname interests
  • Pedigree databases
  • Genetics and DNA testing
  • Royal, noble  and notable families
  • Locating living people


  • Gazatteers
  • Modern maps
  • Historical maps
  • Map collections
  • Finding maps
  • Interactive mapping


  • General resouces
  • Local history
  • Social history
  • Names
  • Understanding old documents


  • National collections
  • Regional and local collections
  • Specialist collection
  • Commercial photographs
  • Professional photographers
  • Film and video
  • Dating, preservation, restoration
  • Photo sharing

Discussion Forums

  • Mailing lists
  • Web forums
  • Social networking
  • Netiquette
  • Starting your own discussion group
  • Which discussion group?

Search Engines

  • Using a search engine
  • Formulating your search
  • Refining your search
  • Search tips
  • Searching for files
  • Sites and domains
  • Limitations
  • The ‘invisible web’
  • Choosing a search engine
  • Genealogy search tools
  • Further information

Publishing Your Family History Online

  • Publishing options
  • Family trees for the web
  • Web publishing basics
  • Software
  • Uploading your websites
  • Publicity
  • Preserving your family history
  • Help and advice

The World of Family History

  • Societies and organizations
  • Events
  • Courses
  • Magazines and journals
  • News
  • Software
  • Online shops
  • Professional researchers
  • Lookup services
  • Activism

Issues for Online Genealogists

  • Good practice
  • Using online information
  • Quality concerns
  • Paying for records
  • Copyright
  • Privacy
  • Finding material
  • Longevity
  • Outlook

Internet Glossary



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