Researching Your Irish Ancestry Online

The following excerpt is from the first page of several in a good article published in the December 25, 2012 edition of on doing online Irish research.

Over the past three years IrishCentral has witnessed history in the field of Irish genealogy. The 1901 and 1911 censuses are now online and provide a wealth of information for Irish Americans and Irish Diaspora all over the world.

The Internet has shown itself to be a massive asset when it comes to doing preliminary research on your Irish roots. Last August an Irish Voice story showed us just how useful the Internet can be as a professional genealogist traced, Margaret Kelly, the oldest Irish woman in America’s, past back to her birth in Clare, in 1922, in just a couple of hours online.

With over 70 million people around the world claiming Irish ancestry, there’s a chance that you have some Irish roots. Why not take look? Your Irish roots are only a click away.

We’ve put together a list of some online genealogy sites that we though might help you connect with your Irish roots.

If you know of any other useful sites for our readers please let them know in the comments below.

Here’s our list:

Ireland’s National Archives
This site is most certainly one of the most valuable genealogy assets to have emerged in recent years. Here you can look back at the Census of Ireland from 1901 and 1911 and find your ancestors. The censuses also provide information on religion, occupation, relationship to head of family, literary status, county or country of origin, Irish language proficiency, illness and child survival information.

You can also view business records and national education records.

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