Salt Lake Christmas Tour…………. Week’s Peek

Guess what? Mark Olsen from MyHeritage is coming to the Salt Lake Christmas Tour to tell us and teach us all about this fabulous FREE website, . This is probably the best free site to which you can upload your family tree and connect with cousins near and far. Leland is always coming up with things New & Better for our Tour and this is one for 2012!!  Don’t miss it……..

I’m deep into planning our week’s schedule; we will have “more and better” classes than last year. I know many of you would like to know specifics now, and I do understand, but the speakers/presenters are just now letting me know………… hopefully by next week I’ll have a pretty good list.

Things To Remember:  (1) bring at least one small, inexpensive, wrapped gift for our Breakfast Gift Share;  (2) bring cold medicine just in case;  (3) does anybody need distilled water for their CPAP? Let me know.  (4) ‘Tiz handy to bring some return address mailing labels to exchange with new friends.

The City Creek Center Mall will be open! Finally! Click to for a list of the shops and restaurants located right across the street from our hotel. We who have been coming on the Tour for years know it’s taken about five years for this project to become reality. There is a grocery store in the mall too.  And my favorite, a Brighton store, darnit.

You know how Leland loves offbeat gifts, especially when they’re presented to him in front of everybody at our Breakfast Gift Time……….. so please feel free to bring any silly, sneaky, or (dare I say?) sexy thing as a wrapped gift for Leland and we’ll all have some good fun. Well, most of us will.

If you’re on the fence about coming, let me Humpty Dumpty you off that fence and COME !!

Donna, aka Mother Hen, until next week


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