Having both written books and published many family histories for other, I can say the biggest stumbling block anyone will face is their own self doubt. Time and again, I heard people tell me they just didn’t feel like they could do a good job or write well enough to publish their family history. First of all, nonsense. Anyone can publish a family history and feel successful afterwords. However, for those needed a little reinforcement, and perhaps some skills assistance, there is Genealogical Writing in the 21st Century: A Guide to Register Style and More. Everything a person needs to start writing family stories and genealogies are in these pages.

Learn to write with style and skill from New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) staff and expert contributors. There are tips for writing article for genealogical journals and magazines, compiled genealogies, and even websites. There is even a chapter on using Microsoft® Word.

Now in its second edition, this New England Historic Genealogical Society publication adds new chapters. Having published The New England Historical and Genealogical Register since 1847, the NEHGS has a long running institutional records for writing and publishing genealogical works. The members and staff are well versed in creating quality works. Their expertise is shared in a way to make it easy for any to follow and benefit.


Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition

Preface to the First Edition



1 Writing as You Research: A Problem-Solving Tool Your Family Will Appreciate

Patricia Law Hatcher

2 Writing for The New England Historical and Genealogical Register and Other Genealogical Journals

Henry B. Hoff and Helen Schatvet Ullmann

3 Writing for New England Ancestors and Other Popular Genealogical Magazines

Sharon DeBartolo Carmack

4 Writing for NewEnglandAncestors.org and Other Websites

Michael J. Leclerc and Rod Moody

5 Writing Genealogical Books

Michael J. Leclerc

6 Writing and Style

Gabrielle Stone and Carolyn Sheppard Oakley

7 Writing Using Word for Genealogy: Utilizing Microsoft Word in Genealogical Documents in Register, or Modified Register [NGSQ], Format

Alvy Ray Smith

Appendix A: Abbreviations and Acronyms

Appendix B: Commonly Used Symbols

Appendix C: Geographical Abbreviations




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