Salt Lake Christmas Tour………… Week’s Peek

Don’t we all know about Bigfoot? The ape-humanoid probably mythical figure spotted or sighted in the deep woods of the Pacific Northwest……… well I’ve seen him !!! I was driving to Canada….. driving west on Hwy 2 and turning northwest onto Hwy 157 and going up and over Disautel Pass and THERE HE WAS!  Can you see him??

Well, to be perfectly honest, this was a huge metal sculpture mounted on this rocky point visible as you go over the pass. There was no warning, no sign of explanation and now I’d like to know more…. who put him there? when? why? You can only see it heading northwest; coming the other way you miss it entirely. So it was a way-cool treat.

Wondering, I Googled Bigfoot Genealogy and of course there are several websites because that is a bonafide surname. And I was hoping some dreamer had posted “our” Bigfoot’s family tree……. Bigfoot, s/o LargeDigits and MinnyToes.

My reason for going to Canada was to be a speaker at the Kelowna & District Genealogical Society’s bi-annual conference. Kelowna is perched on the north shore of Okanagan Lake in the mountains of British Columbia and is in a beautiful spot. I quite fell in love with the place and so enjoyed chatting with folks whose genealogy is so vastly different from my own. One was explaining that she was 14th generation Canadian. (Our Dwight Radford was a speaker at this conference also.)

If you have research needs in this area, I do recommend you contact this knowledgeable and eager-beaver for help.

Now it’s seriously back to work on the almost-here Salt Lake Christmas Tour!

Donna, aka Mother Hen, until next week.


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